Facebook and I

First, I’ve done my fair share of bad things in facebook.

With that little confession, it places me among the millions culprits who are guilty of “misplaying” the FB. I had a lost a friend who could not take a little joke even though it was done with no malice.

I am also guilty of using the wall to convey the true expression that I wanted my FB’s friends to read and be somehow understood the nature of my feeling and personal thoughts. Those who are good at reading what lies beneath my written words surely could attest to the perception that I am a very opinionated person which of course, am subjected to commit either the good or bad too.

The above introduction is meant to prepare myself and to bear any brunt of anger from some people who may get offended, perhaps in anticipation of being accused as a piece of self-righteousness kind of writing. I shall take any adverse comment as a constructive advise for future improvement.

Alright…the main courses are:-

1. If you have a keen eye on someone else’s thread or one of our FB’s friends’ walls, we may find out that some of their postings or comments are somehow hinted at us or we thought they were  meant for us because the construction of those sentences seemingly aim on your face despite there were no names mentioned. We may feel offended with apparent reasons being shot in such a cowardly way but we do not have a concrete proof because the lack of collaborative evident of being assaulted directly by mentioning our names. Hence, we often perplexed our choices of counter attacks by either using the same modus operandi to hint that person back on our walls or continue berating on the continuation on the same postings which we at first felt offended. Either way, if the other party could speak the same language then the message could be clearly delivered. The problem is, some people are good at passing sarcastic remarks but very poorly at understanding other’s. I am hinting this numero uno to someone but I do not think this person has the ability to understand.

2. I know someone out there who are loud but kind-hearted. We both have no bad blood to begin with, we still kissing cheeks but his FB’s wall and comments were all written in capital letters. I am sure he knows the unwritten rule (isn’t it?) about capitalized letters in any medium of writing which means you are shouting at your readers but knowing him in person, it came with no surprise. Maybe, he meant to shout  out loud as if he was speaking to your face in real life.

3. They are people who financially poor but richly educated. They’re people who financially rich but poorly minded. And some people who physically beautiful but scarred hearted and rotten. Some use their walls to display wealth and some use them to spread kindness. The very name of this social medium called Facebook is really a place for us to book our faces for all to read, judge and be judged.

I do not have a slightest dengki or envious of anyone who keen on putting the entire wardrobes or sharing their lifetime achievements in facebook, just that I could not help but thinking ahead of their uncertain fates which of course no one can foretell what may the future brings. I wonder what would happen if they suddenly fall ill both physically or financially which could alter the whole of their prosperous lives that everyone seems to know previously through their facebooks. How would they then to write or post on their walls when the  landscape of their lives unwillingly but glaringly changed?  It took a man of high dignity to admit mistake and move on but how many of us who are willingly to peel our once rosy skin to face the now clapping crowds? As much praises that our friends may have given us, they are also eagerly waiting to see you fall.

4. Not all bad things happening in facebook. I had misunderstood some of my actual friends outside the FBisphere but when I read what they have posted on their walls and comments, noticed that I could somehow understood someone better through their writings. Those who are seemingly quiet and withdrew themselves to a corner of a room are sometimes have the ability to translate the entire dictionary when they write…so to speak lah.

5. Reading my friends’ updates on their facebook’s walls has shown me some true colors of their actual being, at least on what they are thinking.

There are some of my friends whom I have known for many years and yet I did not really know them but through facebook, I truly manage to have a glimpse through the windows of their inner thoughts. Many have simply typed on their updates without a serious thought on what people may perceive of their postings. On personal note, I had many times did the same silly mistakes by pouring my heart out on my facebook’s wall and managed to make a few enemies or had lost some dear friends.

I still have annoying facebook buddies that I wanted to get rid off from my friends’ list but I find it amusing also to read their postings, laughing at their antics and from there, I have learned on how to simply choose buddies that I’d like to be with at the dinner table. So, I kept them still for me to judge their behavior and learning to keep my own feet firmly on the ground.

Some of their postings are reflections of my former self which I now find it rather disgusting to even thinking that I was once had done such things or intended to do the same and because of facebook, I have learned to examine myself, to repel any intention to repeat such acts. I told myself, if I read something shitty, I wont do the same deed.

Facebook has made me see how some of my friends who are bragging on what they just bought, where they have been, whom they have met and whether or not they are truly rich, to me it is immaterial. The most important is, I could see the true personality behind those walls. They’re people who are trying to be humble but failed miserably when we visit their walls…as if the doors to their secret life are widely flung opened. Facebook has taken “washing dirty linen in public” into a new level of self-glorification and indirect mutilation of personal image.

As any creation,it has both the good and evil. Through facebook, I have rekindled my long-lost friends and reading their walls has also given me a great pleasure. Many exchanges of greetings and well wishes were done through this medium that saves a lot of time and money. Updates of newly born, friends that fell ill and even the recent deaths are now instantaneously conveyed to everyone.

We also, did this guilty pleasure of attaching our photos in the facebook. Why I said guilty? To me, I truly felt that way each time I wanted or posted a new photo of myself in the facebook. As much as I wanted people to see my photos but I could not help but feeling vulnerable of being attacked by the phantom of my explicit photos’ exhibitionist. We never know when these pictures would be used against us. Most pictures of myself in there are the expressions of my happy moments with my dearest that people may have perceived either negative or positive as I have my own perceptions of theirs. The coin has two faces isn’t it?

Few years back, I had never imagined that I would be hooked to this so-called social network facebook and now it has become both my honey and the poison that took my good night sleep away.

I guess, facebook going to stay for many years to come as long as the internet is still in existence. It used to be the medium of personal expression by an individual but now even a country has its own account. We shall see that even China will soon open its door for facebook. That Mark Zuckerberg going to get even richer. Good for him.

I shall list down  further on this subject when the time allows me to do so. Thank you for reading…thus far. Huhuhu


A Little Peek Into The Glass House

I tried my hand as a personal assistant for a close friend many years ago. He offered me to take it as a full-time job but I refused as I heard people told me that working for a friend would have a negative effect on friendship. As I found out to be true.

That short stint as a PA has introduced me to a different world of luxury and to those people who worship expensive stuff. In my real work as a flight attendant has already opened some windows to that kind of lifestyle even thought I just glancing them on the side line but I was fully introduced to the likes of Hermes, Louis Vuitton, posh penthouses, high end clubbing scenes etc and now working as PA has given a new meaning to a real shopping in high streets of many cities. Luxury brands were not alien to me…at least on the surface of it.

Well…my job was not really assisting my “boss” with the typical PA’s works  that involve sorting out meetings and appointments but I was mostly his personal shopper. My first assignment was to oversee his almost completed penthouse that being renovated at the same cost as a newly purchased unit. He may be rich but his money does not come close to those famous tycoons that bought yachts, planes as a hobby  and he is not  famous but lives quite handsomely above average…very much above average.

Before I go further, I have a confession to make. I was not really good at overseeing his property and even more disappointing for being a PA. I was not trained to be one but I had the offer because he knows me in person who he thought might be helpful in easing his pain in getting someone to look after something so menial. Something out of his territorial. His brain functions well to calculate money, formulating business strategies and bossing around in the office but to decorate the house? Big no.. Here is my so-called “expertise” needed. I had convinced myself that I could deliver the best result as long as I was given many copies of blank cheques. He gave me just that.

While the penthouse was being renovated, the existent utensil in the kitchen were mostly bought at the regular supermarkets and that include the china and cutlery such. The plates were not even worthy to be called china. They were mostly Conningware and  I told him ” Your new house is just like a brand new  Mercedez Benz but the seats are being wrapped with a PVC leather” and I showed him his kitchen’s stuff…” These are your PVC leathers”. He had then understood my point and was given a free hand to do what was necessary.

Of course I had studied his liking on how the house being designed, the fittings etc and mostly reflect his inclinations towards masculinity and minimalism. My choice of cookery items, china and cutlery must compliments to the overall taste of my “employer” and I must put aside my personal’s desires in choosing the intended items.

I went to Hermes but their china and cutlery were mostly for the grand house with those bohemian designs, lots of carving and painting on the plates which totally the opposite of what I had in mind. I saw some very interesting designs at Tiffany and Co but I kept my options open by also looking at Noritake ( Royal Dalton etc is out of the list) and I could not find anything that fancied  my eyes. At Cristofle, I fell in love with one of the cutlery set that I bought for RM18,000.

At Cristofle, I got acquainted with the manager, I couldn’t remember what his name was but after numerous repeated purchases of supplementary silver, crystal and table wares, we indulged a little on the gossip of who bought whats at his boutique. He dropped names of course but I dare not to mention them here. One of the Datin Seris had the entire house adorned with Daum crystal chandeliers, had all the door knobs fixed with the same custom-made crystal and the 16 seater dining table and chairs that built from bohemian crystal from the same house. The cost was easily two millions plus just for the door knobs and toilet fixes alone. Those chandeliers and table were charged differently. Imelda Marcos was nothing to this lady.

I was back at the Tiffany for something that caught my eyes earlier in the week. It was a Palladium range of China that really impressed me. Initially it was only RM30K for a dinner set of 16, have them flown from New York which took about two weeks to arrive. Those were the basic set of china. As we opened up the large turquoise boxes that were home delivered by the Tiffany, my boss was very happy with the china and subsequently adding a lot more pieces into the collection.

My subsequent visits to Tiffany were not all about purchasing china and cutlery but sometimes…drop by to get my boss’ toilet supplement. He uses only Tiffany’s soap. I do not know whether or not that Tiffany still selling soaps at their shops today. I had to buy them by the dozen because the stock was very fast depleting. The rich simply threw money at these kind of boutiques.

One incident at his penthouse that sent shiver to my spine was when his coveted dining table being delivered. It was a tempered glass top and an impressive legs work that we purchased at the Xtra. The top alone was RM20K. There was a tiny, puny little dot of scratches at the corner of the top that needed some quick fix. One of the Xtra’s men who thought that he could do some DIY on it, quickly took his polishing machine and done just that. It was less than 5 seconds when from a little dot to a fine hairline and suddenly cracked to a millions pieces of broken glass. The man’s face turned to ghostly white and my mouth gasped for air. It was lucky…my friend was around when this incident happened and spared me from the agony of explaining. I do not know what has happened to DIY guy but Xtra replaced that broken table with a brand new one albeit we had to wait for another month for it to be imported from Italy.

My “tenure-ship” as a PA was short lived as I could not really work for a friend. Simply say that, it was not really a job that I was good at. Being a personal shopper was fun but it took a lot of self dignity to go along well working for someone who used to be your friend. Perhaps I was too personal. The job has somehow taught me in knowing the fact on how the rich may view those people who are trying to shop like them..trying to emulate the same shopping habit that puts so much holes in our pockets. They are laughing looking at us.

Part of my job was to mingle with those people who money seemingly fall from the sky into their purses and I tell you…they threw their credit cards fighting to pay for whatever they had at the table. Everyone seems to be saying ” It is my turn to pay!”. I have seen my friend bought an Audemars Piquet’s solid white gold with diamonds encrusted face of Royal Oaks special edition at a discounted price ( because he is a regular) and still commanded a quarter million worth of time piece in one morning and later signed another Crazy Hours by Franck Muller for RM5oK. To these people, Omega and even Rolexes are real dirt, merely SEED or Padini and no equal to Hermes,Tiffany etc so to speak. When I was needed to be with these people, I chose to wear something without any obvious brands printed on them as I did not wish to be seen emulating a branded conscious  because in million years..at that time, I would never be comparable to what they were wearing. I was nothing and it was good to be seen as nothing.

To us, when we see our same designer jeans being worn by another rich guy,we’d feel proud but not to these kind of people. They swore they would never caught  wearing the same dress twice. The PA’s  would first confirm by calling each other on what their bosses would be wearing if the two were to attend the same function to avoid accidental “boria”. Today, if one caught clutching the Louis Vutton’s cherry blossom by Murakami would be the laughing-stock of their peers. Dear my friends, if you have those LV with red or pink cherry blossom or even those Stephen Sprouse’s Graffiti Keepal, spare yourself from the humiliation by keeping them at home hoping the trend would resurface in a few years to come. Until then, don’t. It is so 2004 and those people really can laugh.

I said earlier that my PA experience has taught valuable lesson about being humble. Since then, I had learnt to know where should I be standing if I were to be surrounded by these kind of people and how should keep my head low.

When you have reached that status, people can tell. By then, you do not have to shout, it shows.

Chased by a wild boar

I read someone’s blog on her experience  at the kindergarten and it brought an old memory to the fore.

It may not have happened on the first few days of school but vividly I remember that I was chased by a massive wild boar and I had to climb the fences to save my life.

My house was located on the beach along the coastline that borders with a thick secondary jungle. My leisurely walk to the kindergarten was disturbed when I hear stomping sound right behind me and the ground shook underneath. I could not remember whether or not that I carried a school bag but running fast I was trying to escape from the beast. Initially I didn’t even know it was a wild boar that chasing me but I ran because of the sheer size of the beast and also was in the state of shock. Perhaps I was thinking it was just the regular water buffalo. I was scared but kind of lucky that I did not freeze but kept on running knowing the beast is fast approaching.

There were three meter height of fences surrounding the kindergarten and I have no idea on how did I manage to climb that fences. The next thing I know was, all other children were in the class with my panic teacher trying to close the door behind me. Then I was told by her that the beast was indeed a “babi”…a big wild boar.

Back home, I told my mom and she did not believe me until she asked about the incident to the teacher. I was six-year-old boy walking alone…oh yes, in those rural or country areas like mine, in those donkey years..the children walked by themselves to school.

A wild encounter but it worth the run.

How ikhlas we are?

This question ” Sapa nak jaga hang bila dah tua?” is the most repeated one after “Bila nak kawin?”. Both questions are the standard queries  each time I visited my relatives in kampung. It sickened me so much that I had to ask my mother to shield these questions the best ability that she could master.

To tell you the truth, Yes I am worry about it too, about who is going to take care of me when I am old, haggard, alone and less healthy. It is a worrying thought.

The same question also left me with a stamping thought on the nawaitu of having a child. Do we want children because the need of someone to take care of us when we are old? Is there any sincerity in wanting children to fulfill one of the obligations in fardhu ain or simply we need these investments to grow, bear fruits for us to enjoy an easy life later in our golden years?

In this sense, I believe the European people are more sincere. To them, when the children have left the nest, they are left alone to defend for themselves and they expect no help from their children (vice versa). Unlike here in asia, typically the Malays…we are so cocoon to the old believe that the children are obligated to take care of their elders. I cannot really blame them as the religion has stated, dictated the same obligatory instruction to care for the elders.

Seeing on telly, those sad sob drama series about the ungrateful people who abandoned their responsibility to their elders being punished by God with multitude of diseases, slow death and depiction of godly retribution by narrowing of burial ground and flooding at the same time, bloody coffin and swamped with flies; whilst the sky was darkened, lighting strikes has indeed made a scary impression about leaving our parents on their own.

Maybe now while I am still young and very independence, this problem seems distance and should be pushed aside. Still, at the very corner of my thought…I have a lingering feeling that my golden years is going to be a very lonely one. Money may not buys everything but in the old days, money is still commanding some friendship and could be used to buy some companionships too (as what it does now). Maybe, my “anak saudara” who are very dear to me now would simply trying to be nice to their old uncle then for sake of me passing on some heirlooms  or whatever “harta” I may have to them.  Still, money is the key for smoother passage to the greying years.

The problem is, money is hard to come by and greying has started taking its root. Should I by now…swallow my pride about the sincerity of having a child? Should I rekindle the thought of getting married for the sake of having a baby for future investment? Must I not to think that far ahead?

I just realized, she’s no superwoman

I thought my mak was a superwoman. Certainly she is not of late. As much as I was thinking about my age that fast climbing uphill to be an old man, residing hair-line and greying at the same time…I was quick to forget that my parents are aging as well.

This raya, the usual spread for raya are getting less elaborate. The curtains and sofas are the same as last year. Even thought she still have  the same vigor of a hardworking woman who could spring to the kitchen at any given time but her springing into action are now accompanied with a clutching of both hands on her knees.

The same woman who for all my life has been and still the pillar of my world and our family is starting to show her real age. She was tall to me but now she’s getting shorter, smaller and less heavier.

It broke my heart earlier when she said that once all her kids are leaving the nest, she would leave the house and would spend most of her time at the Pondok or religious school.I persuaded her that her grandchildren would need her constant watch and guidance but if that the noble cause that she wants to pursue, as a son…how would I then to say no?

Hari Raya for this year, I have learned to change the way I do a thing in my mak’s house. I don’t usually do the dishes or mopping the floor at home. It was either done by her or my sisters (the boys simply threw the soiled plates into the sink). My mak has taken a pleasant surprise when seeing me doing the dishes. As a typical kampung people like myself…I did not expressing my true feeling through words. I wanted to tell her that she is getting older and now it is my turn to help a little.I just brushed her softly to let me continue doing what seemed to be her duty.

My third sister was spending her time with her in-laws as this is her first year celebrating raya as a wife and the older one was seemingly unperturbed with mak’s deterioration of her agility. My younger sister has just given birth to my new niece. It left her, the only able woman to do all the women’s works. Seeing her pain in preparing raya’s dishes, I told myself…let me break the lazy tradition of boys in my family to do the dishes and cleaning the house.

Last night, she was riding pillion on a kapchai with me to my uncle’s house whose house situated deep inside the kampung, driving a car would be troublesome, so we decided to get there by a motorcycle. I used having trouble handling the machine due to her sheer body size and was rather heavy but it was a breeze yesterday and I thought…my mak is getting slimmer, getting slimmer that being associated with people who are aging..not the other slimming intention.

Deep within, I was in tears. She ain’t heavy no more…she is my mother.

This woman, my mak…like any mother is the world had done many things that I would forever be grateful.

Mak….selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir batin. I love you.

Little Napoleon On Board

I was contemplating to pin down this episode or should I let it pass, slowly dying as the rest of things have happened through out my career as a crew.  After much thinking and knowing that I have pilot friends who could enrich themselves with this incident. So, I’ve decided that this post should be written as a lesson for all to behave cordially with each other.

On a recent trip, there was a captain that being disliked by many but we did not know that fact. Unfortunately or coincidently he was the only pilot that few of us had failed to introduce ourselves during the flight.

The ugly thing was, he behaved like he owns the aircraft. I do not have to elaborate on that but crew members on that flight could readily agree with my statement. Earlier onboard, I’ve tried to introduce myself but the moment I tried to make eye contact and to say hi..he turned his face somewhere else. Fine.

In the bus, while one of the cabin crew was walking around to collect tips and he introduced himself to this snob and he received this ” Ohhh now in the bus baru la you wanna introduce yourself?”

The steward came back and told us about the remark this captain has passed on him. Then, I said to my colleagues that I am not going to introduce myself if that kind of reaction that I’ll be getting.  Three of us, have indeed decided not to introduce ourselves. I am not going to kowtow to someone who doesn’t have a decency to say thank you when people willingly came to introduce themselves. For the record, there is no such procedure in SOP stated that either party must introduce themselves but of course the introduction by cabin crew to the pilots  has long been culturally practiced BUT it is not a compulsory thing to do that warrants a retaliation from the pilots if one fails to do so.

Oh yeah…he brought his wife along for the trip. Well..usually if we took our spouses on the trip, we would do the courteous approach like introduce our wife or husband to the set crew or at least trying to acknowledge the presence of our relatives to all in the bus or later at the hotel’s lobby.

And this captain did not do the needful but it is ok as long as you mind your own bloody business.

Our three-day trips was almost over but our return flight was started on a very sour note when he decided to hold a pre-flight briefing onboard of the aircraft. He started by mentioning the basis of courtesy and the loose collaboration that the cabin crew and pilots are experiencing off late. He even purposely called us (one by one) who did not introduce ourselves to him by different names to enforce the fact that he did not know our existence as part of his crew and yet he dare to say that he did not point finger to avoid embarrassment on us.

He was like…on and on about this lame thingy about introduction and even threatened us that ” Don’t even dream to request a jump seat if he’s the one commanding the flight and don’t even think of hoping that he would grand a break for semi-long haul flight”. What a childish ranting he had become and it was such an embarrassment to the pilots community for having such person in the group.

He ended his briefing on this note ” Anyone wish to speak please do or hold your peace forever”

We all like, stupid bugger and no point talking to such a snob!

I was like ready to let go my anger too but I was saved from engaging a stupid argument with by being silent. All of us offered no apology.

Thank God that the other captain who met us later admittedly saying that he had nothing to do with the action and totally disagree what been said and done by his colleague. To me it was a winning game by practicing this motto “silent is a virtue”. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. 

Sex on demand through the net

The dating game and to fulfill carnal desires are no longer that difficult.

The internet has so many chat rooms and websites for any of us to choose from. On top of that, we have now smart phones and tablet computers that easily accessible to the wide web world. The sexual game is now in your palm 24-7.

Sooner, the new generations would lose the skill of courting but literally dependence on the net to hook with each other.

Whatever your taste may be…whether you are straight or stray, it takes only your self-control to limit the number of how many sex tryst that you want to do in a day. I am no angel and no purist. I have done my fair share of self indulging over the net and I tell you…it is as easy as pissing oneself in the toilet. Sex almost on demand with limitless choices over the net. And our children are not at all “protected”. We do not have to force the government to censor any of this smut internet addresses, they would find the way to access those interesting sites and we could not really blame them for being distracted…the internet is full of fun things to do.

What requires now to have sex just an iphone or Blackberry or an Ipad…logging onto the site or any dating application, place some provocative pictures and captions..in a minute you would have someone in your bed.

If the devil and his associates Satan etc ever existed, the creation of internet is surely one of their best tools to stray humans. It is the most successful one. Sometimes, we switched on our lappy for the sake of checking our facebook but slowly we are straying to browse to something more sinister especially when our facebook’s wall kind of quiet and no one to bicker about.

During my crunchy years, in my younger days when there was no internet or personal computer, when they were only Nokia Banana or Motorola..to hook a guy was not an easy task. But being a crew and my colleagues who have the same “disease” were relatively had an easy access to the naughty world of fulfilling one’s carnal desire. The European countries and their cities.

We travelled the world almost on weekly basis to places that people are generally open and outrageously more vibrant. But still, to bring someone home ( hotel it was) required a full skill of conventional courting. You know..the old way of looking someone from a distance, trying to throw a few dry smiles to avoid being embarrassed if the smile would receive a smack a of middle finger to your face. Or someone would drag his feet to your table (vice versa)and offering a tame glass of alcoholic drink…from that moment if the guy is really your type, then the game of cat and mouse must now take place to ensure that you wont be labelled a slut by such an easy picking. A ” jual mahal” a bit which sometimes have indeed drove them away. Back at the hotel, kicking own ass for being a toad earlier on.

There were avenues such as pubs, bars, discos and rainbow friendly cafes and restaurants. Not to mention bath houses or famously known as sauna where guys just walking around in their towels with or without their hard ons…pick one, choose a small cubicle and walla but still it takes some courage and determination to walk the door of these bath houses. It was not cheap especially when you have to pay  in foreign currencies.

The urge to have sex comes anytime of the day even in the middle of the night, right during mid-winter. We  (generally…huhuhu) would scroll the public parks and I tell you…bracing the chilly winter had enforced the fun of getting a hook-up. And some even went to grave yards for the sake of a quick fix.

People in the know…would know what is “visiting office” means. It means public toilets where have been one the places that easily accessible for such activity. Honestly speaking, I did not fancy this alternative. The glory holes etc are simply out of bound for me.

I have quickly rendered on a few traditional ways on getting laid comparable with the current way of using the internet. No doubt that those places such as bars, cafes, parks, saunas, public toilets, grave yards, alley ways are still being the favorite hunting grounds but internet has revolutionized the sexual exploration.

Truly…to do or not to do is at our own finger tips. No one else could stop or forcing you to do. It is purely self-control. Good luck guys!

Do suggest if you have any topic for me. TQ

My colleague Sue has a new blog to brag. Congrats Sue.

Here I am…a month passed and passing on without having any posting. I think, the Bersih thingy has somehow clouded my mind. Every time, I switched on the lappy and ready to write something which was unrelated to politic, the very topic that I was trying to avoid, it comes and urges on for me to write. As much as I like to talk about politic…I think, it is best that I leave that subject to those who are very good at creating stories, rumors mongers and small politicians. However, this blog of mine has never restricted its contents, hence politic is still part of the menu.

And another topic that tries hard to crawl out from my skull is talking about my beloved company that recently saw a changing of few top managements and followed with a swapping of shares. I have no idea what this swapping of shares is all about but something rather certain is that, they are the same clowns that would take governments’ money and enrich themselves. May Allah “bestow” cancer in their hearts for raking the fruit of hard labor from common people like me.

The  heart of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W was purified twice by the Archangel Gabriel even though He was born Maksum or pure from committing sin or ill thought. Still, twice it took to cleanse the heart of a prophet. It is a symbolism that we humans are full of shit in our hearts.

It shows to us that, a mere human like me and you are infested with all negative thoughts in our mind and heart. All the times.

The only different is on how to constrain that thought from overflowing in the open and leaking out that smelly thoughts for all to smell it. I have that too…had (still have) intentions that I wanted  to write about some people who pissed me off or simply stepped on my toes or those who wear their rotten hearts on the sleeves.

Talking bad about people always on the plate at parties or gathering or at work place and it has no exception here when blogging. Look around us, mostly blogs that received heavy traffic are usually blogs that talked bad about people. Magazines and tabloids that are doing well on the shelves are mostly thriving on gossips. I shall try to resist that temptation.

Well…I have no particular topic today. I have succeeded however, to write this empty piece of shit a total of 426 words. Yeay!!

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