Syrian Neighbors

There’s a small renovation being done on the premises in front of our cafe. The place going to be a middle eastern kind of restaurant run by a Syrian family.  Walked in that day to see how is the progress of their renovation and the family quickly alarmed by my visit. The eldest son I presume, politely offered his hand  for a cordial handshake. I uttered no word but he defensively told me this restaurant is only be serving completely Arabic or middle eastern foods and no western dishes. It signals me that he’s aware that we are serving mostly western foods.
(I think have grown so old, people are seemingly afraid of seeing me nowadays)

I could sense that he was afraid that I might not be too happy having theirs as my immediate neighbors and competing with the same offerings. Not to worry I told him. I pacified them further by saying that I love to make this area more vibrant by having many restaurants nearby. So, you guys not a threat.
This helped a little.

Yes I was trying to be a nice neighbor and welcomed them to our community but I have another “sinister intention”…. I wanna know exactly what happened in Syria from them, from its own people. I want to hear the real story of the calamity that is still happening in Syria.

Sure it will take some time to get acquaintance with and for them to open up.
This is a story that I shall dig up and be posted here once the camera is rolling insyaAllah.
It is all be written in a good faith, to have a glimpse of what is the real deal of this sad episode of Syrian war.


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