Does It Feel Good?

Should one hurts seeing staff crossing to the other side of the fence in a prospect of enjoying the seemingly greener pasture? Or does it bring a sense of achievement that your idea of cost saving has actually bearing fruit by letting go senior staff?

Does it really feel good that your staff are actually jumping into your enemy’s boat and making good of their well horned skills on someone’s else tuft?

Those who have left were once part of your winning team and now they are gleaming in red skirts and work their magic as good as they were once in green kebayas.

These  people are extensively trained and experienced cabin crew were mentored by those who have horned their skills and donning many caps of great achievements. These crew were trained by professionals, seasoned seniors in order to pass on the  baton for the young to continue the tradition of excellent service that  MAS is famously known.

It is in fact, the Air Asia is given a flock of fertile golden geese in a gilded silver cage by MAS.


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