A Lost Opportunity

It was on the 1st of July, the male crew of Malaysia Airlines donning their new sharp-looking grey uniform to work. Later that night, there was an inaugural celebration of the new airbus 380 flight to London.

That morning, when I first stepped into our new office on the 4th floor of KLIA in that creases free grey suit, I was expecting some sort of celebration is going on inside. My flight was among the very first flights of the day and I was pretty sure that my set is going to be there among the early birds and surely there would be an official celebration. After all, it took more than 20 years for the airline to finally decided to get rid the green suit. This is a big change and perhaps has cost a considerable amount of money too. It was understandably that the company would hips-up and pops-up bubbles to tell the world that it has a new image, at least for marketing’s sake. Hell no…it was nothing. No speech, no toasting of glasses, no “karipap or coffee”. Nothing! Nada!  Not even a representative from our own department ( not even a grooming officer to see whether or not the crew wear their uniform with proper accessories etc) and very unlikely the top brass from the directors’ office would show their faces too. It was Sunday anyway. I think they’d preferred to enjoy their Sunday in bed instead of coming to the office congratulating the crew for the new uniform that they had long been awaited.

It was a big thing for the crew that day. We were like those school kids awaiting for a crack of dawn for the new term, eagerly wanted to show off the new uniform.

That day, all male crew beaming with pride in their new three-piece suits. I told my crew, maybe the official launching will simultaneously done later at night during A380 maiden flight to London. Waited and waited and even after MH002 has finally landed in London, not even one among my FB’s friends whom mostly cabin crew could furnish their “walls” with pictures or posts to show whether or not the new uniform had been officially introduced during the launching of A380 inaugural flight. I could safely conclude that, there was no such thing as official launching of the new uniform ever took place. I maybe wrong but if they did, surely it was wasted because no one seems to be aware that MH crew has a new uniform. Maybe it was just another business day to the company.

Late last year, Garuda Indonesia had introduced their new uniforms for both stewards and stewardesses. It was done so grandly with models parading the long podium and was broadcasted on national television. That is called robbing the opportunity do marketing and branding the proper way. No wonder Garuda is doing better than MAS in getting more money into their coffer. Other airlines were also doing the same thing when they changed the uniforms of flying crew….they maximized the opportunity to do a clever marketing and such.

Pity that we did not use that opportunity as another platform to stand and shout.



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