KFC…and the golden nuggets.

The latest episode of fighting over fried chicken at the KFC has reminded me how volatile  it is working in the service industry.  So I heard the staff have been suspended pending investigation by their company and quite surely all of them will be terminated.

There are many unheard stories on how front-liners being verbally abused and sometimes even physically assaulted by “the customers who always right”.

Late last year, a stewardess was slapped by a passenger and got away with it because her company is ruled by the same business mantra…the customers are always right.

Early this year, a whole set of operating crew especially the in-flight purser was verbally assaulted and threatened by a passenger who happens to be a deputy director of government’s department and yet he was given a red carpet treatment by the airline after he lodged a complain via email that was heavily laden with “carbon-copied” to those hold high offices in Putra Jaya. The VIP treatment was given even after a serious investigation found that this guy was at fault, all in the name of “customers are always right”. The passenger thought he was the victim of the whole mess and the company is conveniently treated the complainer as if he was all alone the real victim.

Don’t be surprised if the bashed KFC’s customer who being helped by major political party  would be given a barrel of fried chicken a day for the whole year as a reward for his bad experience at their outlet. Damage control they would say.

I am quite sure there is a fine print somewhere in our offer letters stated that we as employees are bound to be bullied by the customers and the company wont lift a finger to back their employees.

Let find where did I keep my offer letter.



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