Facebook and I

First, I’ve done my fair share of bad things in facebook.

With that little confession, it places me among the millions culprits who are guilty of “misplaying” the FB. I had a lost a friend who could not take a little joke even though it was done with no malice.

I am also guilty of using the wall to convey the true expression that I wanted my FB’s friends to read and be somehow understood the nature of my feeling and personal thoughts. Those who are good at reading what lies beneath my written words surely could attest to the perception that I am a very opinionated person which of course, am subjected to commit either the good or bad too.

The above introduction is meant to prepare myself and to bear any brunt of anger from some people who may get offended, perhaps in anticipation of being accused as a piece of self-righteousness kind of writing. I shall take any adverse comment as a constructive advise for future improvement.

Alright…the main courses are:-

1. If you have a keen eye on someone else’s thread or one of our FB’s friends’ walls, we may find out that some of their postings or comments are somehow hinted at us or we thought they were  meant for us because the construction of those sentences seemingly aim on your face despite there were no names mentioned. We may feel offended with apparent reasons being shot in such a cowardly way but we do not have a concrete proof because the lack of collaborative evident of being assaulted directly by mentioning our names. Hence, we often perplexed our choices of counter attacks by either using the same modus operandi to hint that person back on our walls or continue berating on the continuation on the same postings which we at first felt offended. Either way, if the other party could speak the same language then the message could be clearly delivered. The problem is, some people are good at passing sarcastic remarks but very poorly at understanding other’s. I am hinting this numero uno to someone but I do not think this person has the ability to understand.

2. I know someone out there who are loud but kind-hearted. We both have no bad blood to begin with, we still kissing cheeks but his FB’s wall and comments were all written in capital letters. I am sure he knows the unwritten rule (isn’t it?) about capitalized letters in any medium of writing which means you are shouting at your readers but knowing him in person, it came with no surprise. Maybe, he meant to shout  out loud as if he was speaking to your face in real life.

3. They are people who financially poor but richly educated. They’re people who financially rich but poorly minded. And some people who physically beautiful but scarred hearted and rotten. Some use their walls to display wealth and some use them to spread kindness. The very name of this social medium called Facebook is really a place for us to book our faces for all to read, judge and be judged.

I do not have a slightest dengki or envious of anyone who keen on putting the entire wardrobes or sharing their lifetime achievements in facebook, just that I could not help but thinking ahead of their uncertain fates which of course no one can foretell what may the future brings. I wonder what would happen if they suddenly fall ill both physically or financially which could alter the whole of their prosperous lives that everyone seems to know previously through their facebooks. How would they then to write or post on their walls when the  landscape of their lives unwillingly but glaringly changed?  It took a man of high dignity to admit mistake and move on but how many of us who are willingly to peel our once rosy skin to face the now clapping crowds? As much praises that our friends may have given us, they are also eagerly waiting to see you fall.

4. Not all bad things happening in facebook. I had misunderstood some of my actual friends outside the FBisphere but when I read what they have posted on their walls and comments, noticed that I could somehow understood someone better through their writings. Those who are seemingly quiet and withdrew themselves to a corner of a room are sometimes have the ability to translate the entire dictionary when they write…so to speak lah.

5. Reading my friends’ updates on their facebook’s walls has shown me some true colors of their actual being, at least on what they are thinking.

There are some of my friends whom I have known for many years and yet I did not really know them but through facebook, I truly manage to have a glimpse through the windows of their inner thoughts. Many have simply typed on their updates without a serious thought on what people may perceive of their postings. On personal note, I had many times did the same silly mistakes by pouring my heart out on my facebook’s wall and managed to make a few enemies or had lost some dear friends.

I still have annoying facebook buddies that I wanted to get rid off from my friends’ list but I find it amusing also to read their postings, laughing at their antics and from there, I have learned on how to simply choose buddies that I’d like to be with at the dinner table. So, I kept them still for me to judge their behavior and learning to keep my own feet firmly on the ground.

Some of their postings are reflections of my former self which I now find it rather disgusting to even thinking that I was once had done such things or intended to do the same and because of facebook, I have learned to examine myself, to repel any intention to repeat such acts. I told myself, if I read something shitty, I wont do the same deed.

Facebook has made me see how some of my friends who are bragging on what they just bought, where they have been, whom they have met and whether or not they are truly rich, to me it is immaterial. The most important is, I could see the true personality behind those walls. They’re people who are trying to be humble but failed miserably when we visit their walls…as if the doors to their secret life are widely flung opened. Facebook has taken “washing dirty linen in public” into a new level of self-glorification and indirect mutilation of personal image.

As any creation,it has both the good and evil. Through facebook, I have rekindled my long-lost friends and reading their walls has also given me a great pleasure. Many exchanges of greetings and well wishes were done through this medium that saves a lot of time and money. Updates of newly born, friends that fell ill and even the recent deaths are now instantaneously conveyed to everyone.

We also, did this guilty pleasure of attaching our photos in the facebook. Why I said guilty? To me, I truly felt that way each time I wanted or posted a new photo of myself in the facebook. As much as I wanted people to see my photos but I could not help but feeling vulnerable of being attacked by the phantom of my explicit photos’ exhibitionist. We never know when these pictures would be used against us. Most pictures of myself in there are the expressions of my happy moments with my dearest that people may have perceived either negative or positive as I have my own perceptions of theirs. The coin has two faces isn’t it?

Few years back, I had never imagined that I would be hooked to this so-called social network facebook and now it has become both my honey and the poison that took my good night sleep away.

I guess, facebook going to stay for many years to come as long as the internet is still in existence. It used to be the medium of personal expression by an individual but now even a country has its own account. We shall see that even China will soon open its door for facebook. That Mark Zuckerberg going to get even richer. Good for him.

I shall list down  further on this subject when the time allows me to do so. Thank you for reading…thus far. Huhuhu


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