Blessing And Funny of sort


My mother was in Kuala Lumpur a few days ago.

A night before she went back to Langkawi, a thief had “broken” into my parents’ house in kampung. He went straight to the master bedroom occupies by my parents. Whilst he was busy looking for valuables, my father walks in and the thief quickly helped himself into the bed, covers his face with my mom’s tudung and pretending to be sleeping.

Ever so clumsy my dad was, sleeps next to the thief thinking it was my mom in bed.

A few minutes after getting himself in the bed whilst trying to fall asleep, my dad notices that my “mom” was not really having a restful sleep. “She” was seemingly tossing herself left and right much too often and do you know what my dad had said?

” Awat yang hang tidoq bueh (buas) sangat malam nie Che Embun?”

Of course the thief was sweating under the blanket trying to find the way out from the house while my father lying idle next to him.

He was lucky or both of them were very lucky that my dad did not have any brewing of carnal desire that night. If ever my dad tried to either touch “Che Embun’s” boobs or trying to reach the down south’s part of that man, surely either the thief or my dad would have suffered some sort of terminal shock of their lives. Or worst scenario would be a bloodshed that probably would be committed by the thief because his face would surely could be recognized by my father.

The opportunity came for the thief to fled the room when my father decided to relief himself in the loo.

My father only remembered that my mother was actually away here in KL with me after seeing the bed was empty. He was indeed sleeping with a thief who managed to rob him RM150 that he had found in my father’s wallet.

It was very typical of my father who usually so oblivious to his surrounding. The incident may have become a laughing matter in my family but I was grateful that, my father is safe from any harm that may be inflicted upon him by an aggressive intruder.

Lesson learnt was to my brothers and sister in kampung to ensure the main entrance is always shut and locked. The thief walked in casually into the house. He never actually had broken into the house but entered through the main door.

We are still laughing over the incident… 🙂


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