Chased by a wild boar

I read someone’s blog on her experience  at the kindergarten and it brought an old memory to the fore.

It may not have happened on the first few days of school but vividly I remember that I was chased by a massive wild boar and I had to climb the fences to save my life.

My house was located on the beach along the coastline that borders with a thick secondary jungle. My leisurely walk to the kindergarten was disturbed when I hear stomping sound right behind me and the ground shook underneath. I could not remember whether or not that I carried a school bag but running fast I was trying to escape from the beast. Initially I didn’t even know it was a wild boar that chasing me but I ran because of the sheer size of the beast and also was in the state of shock. Perhaps I was thinking it was just the regular water buffalo. I was scared but kind of lucky that I did not freeze but kept on running knowing the beast is fast approaching.

There were three meter height of fences surrounding the kindergarten and I have no idea on how did I manage to climb that fences. The next thing I know was, all other children were in the class with my panic teacher trying to close the door behind me. Then I was told by her that the beast was indeed a “babi”…a big wild boar.

Back home, I told my mom and she did not believe me until she asked about the incident to the teacher. I was six-year-old boy walking alone…oh yes, in those rural or country areas like mine, in those donkey years..the children walked by themselves to school.

A wild encounter but it worth the run.


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