Little Napoleon On Board

I was contemplating to pin down this episode or should I let it pass, slowly dying as the rest of things have happened through out my career as a crew.  After much thinking and knowing that I have pilot friends who could enrich themselves with this incident. So, I’ve decided that this post should be written as a lesson for all to behave cordially with each other.

On a recent trip, there was a captain that being disliked by many but we did not know that fact. Unfortunately or coincidently he was the only pilot that few of us had failed to introduce ourselves during the flight.

The ugly thing was, he behaved like he owns the aircraft. I do not have to elaborate on that but crew members on that flight could readily agree with my statement. Earlier onboard, I’ve tried to introduce myself but the moment I tried to make eye contact and to say hi..he turned his face somewhere else. Fine.

In the bus, while one of the cabin crew was walking around to collect tips and he introduced himself to this snob and he received this ” Ohhh now in the bus baru la you wanna introduce yourself?”

The steward came back and told us about the remark this captain has passed on him. Then, I said to my colleagues that I am not going to introduce myself if that kind of reaction that I’ll be getting.  Three of us, have indeed decided not to introduce ourselves. I am not going to kowtow to someone who doesn’t have a decency to say thank you when people willingly came to introduce themselves. For the record, there is no such procedure in SOP stated that either party must introduce themselves but of course the introduction by cabin crew to the pilots  has long been culturally practiced BUT it is not a compulsory thing to do that warrants a retaliation from the pilots if one fails to do so.

Oh yeah…he brought his wife along for the trip. Well..usually if we took our spouses on the trip, we would do the courteous approach like introduce our wife or husband to the set crew or at least trying to acknowledge the presence of our relatives to all in the bus or later at the hotel’s lobby.

And this captain did not do the needful but it is ok as long as you mind your own bloody business.

Our three-day trips was almost over but our return flight was started on a very sour note when he decided to hold a pre-flight briefing onboard of the aircraft. He started by mentioning the basis of courtesy and the loose collaboration that the cabin crew and pilots are experiencing off late. He even purposely called us (one by one) who did not introduce ourselves to him by different names to enforce the fact that he did not know our existence as part of his crew and yet he dare to say that he did not point finger to avoid embarrassment on us.

He was like…on and on about this lame thingy about introduction and even threatened us that ” Don’t even dream to request a jump seat if he’s the one commanding the flight and don’t even think of hoping that he would grand a break for semi-long haul flight”. What a childish ranting he had become and it was such an embarrassment to the pilots community for having such person in the group.

He ended his briefing on this note ” Anyone wish to speak please do or hold your peace forever”

We all like, stupid bugger and no point talking to such a snob!

I was like ready to let go my anger too but I was saved from engaging a stupid argument with by being silent. All of us offered no apology.

Thank God that the other captain who met us later admittedly saying that he had nothing to do with the action and totally disagree what been said and done by his colleague. To me it was a winning game by practicing this motto “silent is a virtue”. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. 


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