Sex on demand through the net

The dating game and to fulfill carnal desires are no longer that difficult.

The internet has so many chat rooms and websites for any of us to choose from. On top of that, we have now smart phones and tablet computers that easily accessible to the wide web world. The sexual game is now in your palm 24-7.

Sooner, the new generations would lose the skill of courting but literally dependence on the net to hook with each other.

Whatever your taste may be…whether you are straight or stray, it takes only your self-control to limit the number of how many sex tryst that you want to do in a day. I am no angel and no purist. I have done my fair share of self indulging over the net and I tell you…it is as easy as pissing oneself in the toilet. Sex almost on demand with limitless choices over the net. And our children are not at all “protected”. We do not have to force the government to censor any of this smut internet addresses, they would find the way to access those interesting sites and we could not really blame them for being distracted…the internet is full of fun things to do.

What requires now to have sex just an iphone or Blackberry or an Ipad…logging onto the site or any dating application, place some provocative pictures and a minute you would have someone in your bed.

If the devil and his associates Satan etc ever existed, the creation of internet is surely one of their best tools to stray humans. It is the most successful one. Sometimes, we switched on our lappy for the sake of checking our facebook but slowly we are straying to browse to something more sinister especially when our facebook’s wall kind of quiet and no one to bicker about.

During my crunchy years, in my younger days when there was no internet or personal computer, when they were only Nokia Banana or hook a guy was not an easy task. But being a crew and my colleagues who have the same “disease” were relatively had an easy access to the naughty world of fulfilling one’s carnal desire. The European countries and their cities.

We travelled the world almost on weekly basis to places that people are generally open and outrageously more vibrant. But still, to bring someone home ( hotel it was) required a full skill of conventional courting. You know..the old way of looking someone from a distance, trying to throw a few dry smiles to avoid being embarrassed if the smile would receive a smack a of middle finger to your face. Or someone would drag his feet to your table (vice versa)and offering a tame glass of alcoholic drink…from that moment if the guy is really your type, then the game of cat and mouse must now take place to ensure that you wont be labelled a slut by such an easy picking. A ” jual mahal” a bit which sometimes have indeed drove them away. Back at the hotel, kicking own ass for being a toad earlier on.

There were avenues such as pubs, bars, discos and rainbow friendly cafes and restaurants. Not to mention bath houses or famously known as sauna where guys just walking around in their towels with or without their hard ons…pick one, choose a small cubicle and walla but still it takes some courage and determination to walk the door of these bath houses. It was not cheap especially when you have to pay  in foreign currencies.

The urge to have sex comes anytime of the day even in the middle of the night, right during mid-winter. We  (generally…huhuhu) would scroll the public parks and I tell you…bracing the chilly winter had enforced the fun of getting a hook-up. And some even went to grave yards for the sake of a quick fix.

People in the know…would know what is “visiting office” means. It means public toilets where have been one the places that easily accessible for such activity. Honestly speaking, I did not fancy this alternative. The glory holes etc are simply out of bound for me.

I have quickly rendered on a few traditional ways on getting laid comparable with the current way of using the internet. No doubt that those places such as bars, cafes, parks, saunas, public toilets, grave yards, alley ways are still being the favorite hunting grounds but internet has revolutionized the sexual exploration.

Truly…to do or not to do is at our own finger tips. No one else could stop or forcing you to do. It is purely self-control. Good luck guys!


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