Do suggest if you have any topic for me. TQ

My colleague Sue has a new blog to brag. Congrats Sue.

Here I am…a month passed and passing on without having any posting. I think, the Bersih thingy has somehow clouded my mind. Every time, I switched on the lappy and ready to write something which was unrelated to politic, the very topic that I was trying to avoid, it comes and urges on for me to write. As much as I like to talk about politic…I think, it is best that I leave that subject to those who are very good at creating stories, rumors mongers and small politicians. However, this blog of mine has never restricted its contents, hence politic is still part of the menu.

And another topic that tries hard to crawl out from my skull is talking about my beloved company that recently saw a changing of few top managements and followed with a swapping of shares. I have no idea what this swapping of shares is all about but something rather certain is that, they are the same clowns that would take governments’ money and enrich themselves. May Allah “bestow” cancer in their hearts for raking the fruit of hard labor from common people like me.

The  heart of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W was purified twice by the Archangel Gabriel even though He was born Maksum or pure from committing sin or ill thought. Still, twice it took to cleanse the heart of a prophet. It is a symbolism that we humans are full of shit in our hearts.

It shows to us that, a mere human like me and you are infested with all negative thoughts in our mind and heart. All the times.

The only different is on how to constrain that thought from overflowing in the open and leaking out that smelly thoughts for all to smell it. I have that too…had (still have) intentions that I wanted  to write about some people who pissed me off or simply stepped on my toes or those who wear their rotten hearts on the sleeves.

Talking bad about people always on the plate at parties or gathering or at work place and it has no exception here when blogging. Look around us, mostly blogs that received heavy traffic are usually blogs that talked bad about people. Magazines and tabloids that are doing well on the shelves are mostly thriving on gossips. I shall try to resist that temptation.

Well…I have no particular topic today. I have succeeded however, to write this empty piece of shit a total of 426 words. Yeay!!


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