By Magic…I am the Chairman

I am no MBA.

(Thus, given me an exception to write this piece with no business’ language or anything to do about being good in business)

If today, am forced to take the helm of Gold Airlines and given all the authority to do as I wish to improve the balance sheet of this company, I would remove all the top management from their posts. They were the ones who hold very dearly to the old legacy that plaguing this famous brand.

GOLD prides itself for being in the premium category of flying passengers. The persistent clinging to this ego centric premium status that really bleeds a steady flow of cash from its coffer. They die trying to compete with those companies that each possesses a better management team and better financial resources. Our neighbor is serving Dom Perignon to their business class passengers but ours are being served with Bruno Pallard. If you never heard the last brand, let me tell you…it is one of the premium champagnes that GOLD is telling their business passengers. How true…you find out the truth.

The point is: Why must we compete so fiercely in a battle that you knew for certain that you unable to win?

( We have a reliable financial resources but the thing is ” It is the same circus but a different clown” each time they change something or someone )

When it was challenged by a new comer Air Asia many years ago, they had indeed belittled Tony Fernandez for being incompetence and did not have the experience to run an airline. Who’s having the last laugh now? Tony…hmmm Tan Sri as he is recently bestowed, smiling his way to the bank and walks just a few steps further, easing his way to stand tall next to Tan Sri Ananda Krisnan.

After having removed those incompetence or rather lazy senior people, I would then emulate what Tony has done with his airline.

I would do that because, the airlines throughout the world are wasting millions tonnes of good foods through their flights on daily basis. I am saying this because I work on the plane. I have seen and experiencing food wastage on every flight. It is of course, these foods have been paid for by the passengers with their purchased tickets but morally the airlines are at fault for continuing to practice the serving of food on board. It is up to almost 50 percent of these foods that were catered are not consumed. The airlines’ requirements under IATA’s authority forbids the recycling of any unconsumed foods on board of a plane. It means, the untouched  (unconsumed) bread and butter that were returned to the catering are forbidden to even be donated to the animals sanctuaries or to the poor.

The food and beverages that being served on the planes are rigidly monitored and clinically prepared to highest level of hygiene. If you were to walk into any airline’s catering, you wont be ridiculed thinking that you were in a giant operating theatre.

The airlines are almost at the mercy of their good lawyers every time they are sued for food poisoning etc and to avoid that, they have gone far and wide to ensure their foods are free from any contamination. This costs them money. A lot of money. And to recover from this expenses, they have indeed passed it on to the passengers. Ultimately flying is no longer a cheap affair.

 In order to provide frills onboard,airlines are required to load a mammoth amount of supporting amenities and equipment on their planes of which significantly contributed to the total weight of the aircraft. There are few hundred of fine china and silver wares in business and first class, the carts that are full of foods, beers, liquors and amenities. If you are given a peek into what they carry in these classes, you will be amazed by looking at a vast amount of those fine foods that cost thousand of dollars to purchase. The cost of food and the total weight that they carried have been charged to your ticket even though you are traveling at the rear end of the plane.

In the cattle class or politely named as an economy class, the amount of food and beverages are equally impressive. They may not carry the same brands that you may find at Fortnum and Mason’s but they weighted more than double of the total weights carried by those premium classes. It is again, the issue of weight that ultimately drags the heavy consumption of fuel to feed  the aircraft’s engines. This also, forcing the airlines to pass the bucks to the ever (unsuspecting)willing passengers.

The whole things related to foods on board of the planes are the main reasons on why the air fares are getting extremely expensive. The fuel is getting expensive and yet the weights of the aircrafts are not reduced. The foods industry  related to the airlines are draining their coffers.

So, I would forgo the premium status and investing for better planes with improved in flight entertainment, comfy seats, ample leg space, give better salaries to the crew, so they would smile widely on board.

Since there is no longer food being served on board, the management has more energy to concentrate on what matter most in air traveling…safety.

If those rich tycoons insisting to have their premium caviar be brought onboard…let charge them heavily for such privilege. Yeah…they are rich and few thousand extra charges wont cost them a dime but let teach our high archivers to value their money by giving them an ultimatum…we provide the best seats on board without the frill. Take it or fly with other airlines that still stubbornly tearing our shared ozone with full frills and premium services. Perhaps if GOLD is really in my full authority, I’d gather a supporting airlines to introduce “oneWorld” with no foods on board to save our planet. We are (should be)no longer allowed to waste our natural resources just because our customers could afford to pay for their foods on board but let do this to protect the environment for our future generations. Let start a war against those airlines that wanted to retain the serving of food on the plane.

The natural gas and oil are draining fast and we should acknowledge that by limiting the use of these highly limited resources unwisely. Let us be the first premium airline in the world to shed its wasteful weights by going NO FRILLs.

Hungry? The airlines (exception of Air Asia) never imposed  NO OUTSIDE FOOD on board. So, bring your own. Diabetic? Bring your own. Vegetarian? Bring your own. Moslem meal? Bring your own. Food poisoning? Blame the passengers because those are their own foods.

So much miseries are easily lifted if all airlines in the world would fly the unfriendly skies with no frills offered.

Naive? I know!


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  1. bravo ! bravo ! and maybe, just maybe, the passengers would understand, main duties of cabin crews on board is solely for security and safety purposes.

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