Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You!

Singapore Airlines stewardess won her legal battle against a passenger who slapped her during flight to Japan. She had had the support of her company in ensuring justice is brought to the court.

The case of our own stewardess who works for one of the airlines in Malaysia, who was slapped not once but twice, her hair was pulled and cursed at by  an arabic woman…the poor stewardess then, had still to operate the flight to Jeddah despite the five-finger mark imprinted on her face. The evil arab woman and her family were allowed to leave the country on our very plane the next day. No charges were pressed against her due to a lukewarm action from the airline and the police has not received a formal report from the victim. That’s what I heard….unofficial of course. Imagine that, the lady and her family were served by any of you, not knowing the fact that she had abused your own colleague yesterday.

When the matter was brought up during a meeting session conducted by one of high-ranking officer of the airline with the crew members. He was reportedly told the crew that, the “abuser” must have a weapon or any object that was used during the commotion in order for the company or police to take action. A mere slapping and barrage of swears are not strong enough “crimes” to press  legal charges. Lack of evident and credible loophole in our legal system he said.

What are we? What are we, the crew members to this guy? How gullible you could be to even dare to come forward and say those things. The crew may not read laws but they clever enough to know what is battery and bodily assault.

The red-faced crew who was slapped or shall we say the victim has been “rewarded” for her experience by  giving her flying rosters that void of any Jeddah flight for the next six months. Would she still be trembling with a cold sweat upon seeing the acronym JED appears on her roster in a coming February next year, she would be given another six months rosters that are free from any Jeddah flights. As if she is only traumatized by the dreadful experience when operating a flight to Jeddah. That is the only empathy that she gets from her beloved company.


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  1. the passenger i heard even got upgraded to business class on the next day back…….
    A way to be upgraded on MAS – slap a flight stewardess…. what a joke.
    I like the way you are writing your articles………..i look forward to many more on MAS. Like you. being in it and just swallowing this #$@%

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