KakNor, Chemerai And I

My friend forced me to update my blog. “Berabuk” she says my blog is.

For the sake of updating my blog, here  I have an ancient incident that I still giggle over it. This story would be much nicer if you guys knew these people.

KaK Nor…is the pseudo name given to a friend of ours. You know who you are.

Chemerai is a plum, sarcastic woman that breathes fire every time she opens her mouth. She has never been slimmer…a figure of a full woman as Kate Winslet has put it nicely. She has a nice, an alive “tahi lalat” under her lower left lip, thus explains the fiery remarks she was (is) famous for.

Alright…it goes like this;

It was in TGi Friday Taipei, Taiwan.

I had fuller hair then, Chemerai was still huggable…now you need an extension seatbelt to hug her and KakNor has never been fairer…probably bought Hazeline Snow by the dozen.

We were having our dinner. I had a fish and chips. Chemerai was having a chicken dish (I think) and a beef steak for KakNor or kinda either one lah between two of them. Lupa sudah!

The hot dishes looked yummy and smelled good.

Chemerai: ” KaKNor, nak rasa tak my chicken? Sedap!”

KakNor : ” Ar ar…nampak sedap la nyah…nak rasa lah.”

Chemerai then cut the chicken into a bug chunk for KakNor. Nyum..Nyum KakNor munching on the chicken morsel.

KakNor : ” Chemerai, ko nak rase tak beef steak aku?”

Chemerai : ” Ofcourse la nak!”

KakNor pun…give a mouthful of beef steak into Chemerai’s mouth. Nyum..Nyum Chemerai munching nicely on her beef.

I was left out isn’t it. 

KakNor: ” Ku, ko nak cube tak my steak?”

While swallowing my fried potatoe….” Aku tak makan mender tak sembelih la nyah!”

Can you imagine what kind of situation we were in…KakNor was taken aback, laughing! but of course I was kena maki hamun first la. Chemerai was almost “tersedak”!

We had a good laugh over this incident.

The best thing was….KakNor finished every single piece of the meat even after the “tak sembelih” remark!

Kuang Kuang Kuang!

I tak nak potong riben yer! huhuhu

( Doesn’t matter if this piece wouldn’t be understood by non Malaysians)


5 thoughts on “KakNor, Chemerai And I

Add yours

  1. kaknor tu siapa? mesti hensem kan.. tapi rasanya semenjak
    dia kawen, dia dah tak makan ayam tak sembelih.. bini dia very the
    alim… maklumlah, i dengar bini dia selalu pesan kat dia yang
    mencari yang halal itu adalah fardhu…. love it..

    1. Hensem? Ok lah. Hehehe! Yer ker? Baguih kalau mcm tu…nanti kalu dok makan mende tak sembelih…memang la kureng tapi elok juga bini dia menasihati. Tapi nasihat la elok2 jangan dipenyapukan budak Kaynor tu yer…pada bini dia la nasihat nie diberi. hehe

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