13th May

The 1997 Asian financial crisis was launched as one of the economic coups to destabilize the region. It was engineered by who else….the United States itself through many capable arms such as George Soros, IMF and even the World Bank.

It remains as a pure theory that conspicuously denied by many.

Domestically, the crisis was also said to be an attempt to overthrow our then Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir from his premiership. The American blue eyes boy Anwar Ibrahim had been mentored or designed to take over the premiership if the economic coup should bore fruit.

Absurd theory isn’t it?

Let see or revisit some historical incidences that still debated and denied by the U.S government but of course, those people who disagree with me or with any of these strong evidences may say that…those allegations are purely conspicuous  in nature.

1. USS Liberty. June 8,1967

Fact: 34 crew members killed and wounded 171 crew members.

The United States was willingly to sacrifice 297 their own’s navy personnel and a fully armed ship to conspire a theory that the ship had been bombarded by Egypt, Syria or Jordan. The attack was designed to sink the ship together with her crews. The idea was to justify the claim made by the Israelis that their incursion into the Golan Height was acted in a dire self-defense and to use “the sinking of the USS Liberty” as a bait that the U.S should get their hand dirty with the “60 day war” which ultimately Israel managed to invade  West Bank, Jerusalem, Golan and Sinai. The sad thing, this was germinated and agreed by the U.S government as to  kill their own people in order to please the Israel.

The ship did not sink as planned and many have survived to relate the actual stories. Had the ship really sank, probably the entire Syria or Jordan and even Egypt  could have been “colonized” by the Israel with the help of the U.S’s mighty armies.

It was a clever maneuvering to clamor that, the war was necessary for the Israel. It is no surprise there were many new conspiracy theories involving the twin towers in New York as a well planned new age war against Islamic countries to gain access to their oils.

2. The Assassination attempt of Soekarno in 1958 and the fall of his regime

Closer to home, the assassination of Soekarno was deliberately planned to topple him and his government.

“In Southeast Asia over the last decade, the CIA has been so active that the agency in some countries has been the principal arm of American policy. It is said, for instance, to have been so successful at infiltrating the top of the Indonesian government and army that the United States was reluctant to disrupt CIA covering operations by withdrawing aid and information programs in 1964 and 1965. [New York Times, April 27, 1966]”

US had provided both financial and arms to the rebels. They even provided air bombers B-26 together with their American pilots to strike on selected Indonesia’s strategic locations. The assassination failed and the loyalist army managed to shot down B-26 and captured one of its pilots Allen Lawrence Pope who provided much information on his secret mission. . This was a solid proof that how America had been and will always interfere with any country that they have their interest and profits to it.

Since the attempt, President Soekarno had never recovered to successfully resuscitate both economy and social breakage which ultimately saw the demise of his strong regime that was once loved and strongly supported by the Indonesia people.

The U.S and it’s allies are very good at planning and executing these kind of coups.

The above examples that I have written here were vaguely presented for you to have a basic understanding on the issue of which  I like to relate in this piece. If you wish to know further, the internet has all the details. Please pursue them to find which are credible facts and stories.

So…do you think that we Malaysians are exclusively spared from such intrusion by these foreign powers?

Paranoid am I?

They were so much such historical facts being documented by many prestigious bodies and distinguished personalities to show on how vulnerable we are to the foreign interference to gain control into our political circle.

We have to be really careful in minding what we have to say about one another regard to the healthy symbiosis that we have amongst major races here in our country.

Our nemesis are fully aware that, our main weakness is actually our strength. Our strength is also our main weaknesses.

We may have differences in our opinions but the way we express them must not be judgmental and insensitive to those you perceive as…your oppositions.

The strength is ultimately the social bonding that we are currently enjoying. Take that away…we shall fall in disgrace.


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