Being Malay

Each and every soul that called himself a Malay should read Tun’s memoirs.

Tun has explicitly “washed our dirty linen in public” so we would be shameful of our weaknesses and improve upon them.

Flip each page and read each line with an eagle eye’s precision, try to understand the obvious messages asking Malays to be hardworking and keep on learning to better themselves. Tun Dr. Mahathir has always critical of our low self-esteem, lack of drive to success and still delusional about being the masters of this land called Malaysia.

I, for one felt a big pang of guilt…guilty as charged so to speak as being one of those Malays who have achieved nothing. I worked my ass flat to sustain myself from this end of the month to another end of the month…on cruising mode. On the scale of hardworking, I would place myself somewhere…hmmm right in the middle. And I am not proud of that fact.

Am I holding a silver platter hoping someone would hand me a golden goose?

Surely I am not. But I am still trapped in this long dream that keeps on drifting me away from reality. I am fully aware of my shortcomings and yet, I could not find my way to realize my dreams.

My regular readers would surely read too many too often of my whining about becoming successful and tired of being where I am now and yet this whining horrendously persisted.

Regrettably, I find this rather embarrassing!


After reading Tun’s book on his life being what he was as a Prime Minister of Malaysia has awakened the fact that, the key to success is discipline. His punchcard had never dotted with any red ink as he had always punctual to the office. He had given a clear instruction that, any government’s function that he was invited to is to finish before ten o’clock at night as he did not wish see any of the attendees would come late for work on the next morning. This is discipline. That is what we are lacking of the most.

In the beginning of this post, I have mentioned for the need of each Malay to read Tun’s memoirs. The call is for us to reach real deeper into our hearts that we Malays are good people, soft-hearted, polite and yet we are so weakened by the easy life that our forefathers had inherited us, the complacency of being blessed with the land that is abundant in natural resources, enjoying such a kind weather, fertile soils, rich seas and bestowed upon us Islam as our religion.

It is an extreme opinion to say that  the Malays, their every piece of existence in both physical and mental are blissfully set in between with all the bests and the worsts that humans have ever been created. Ideally, the physical location that God has given us to reside is also…perfectly moderate in climate, in the middle of the east and the west, the best spices and foods ingredients are right at our doorsteps. So, don’t you think that we Malays are bunch of lucky people? And we have this land that was once called Tanah Melayu to boast!

That is the very nature our beings which most of us have taken for granted and Tun had tried many times in many avenues to tell the Malays to rise and strive because Allah has given us enough strength and resources.


We are not that tall and not that short.

Color of our skin are varied but mostly kind of mixed coffee and cream. Nice color I would say. The Whites baking themselves under the hot sun to get that sultry color just like ours.

Our intelligent may not be the best but we are not that less capable as well. A rough diamond that really need a good polishing skill by a master artisan. Do not worry about the cut. It will shine regardless how hard it should get.

We are very forgiving albeit that we are very sensitive. We are also very generous in nature, probably we have no malice towards others but of course…some of us are not.

Look deeper in ourselves, I am proud to say that I’d like to die and born again as a Malay muslim. Probably born with better mindset, received better education, surrounded by positive people and most of all… I want to be a Malay that Tun envisions to be. The Malay that could really propel himself up, successful by his own hard work, independent, disciplined, moderate and practically pious.

As for the non-Malay, I am also urging you guys to read the book because Tun has managed to really put the real essences of being Malay for you to understand our mentality  in context of our pasts and also in this challenging world. If you really read it with an open heart without scrutinizing the many seemingly racist articles, surely you will think of us differently by the time you flip the last page.

We will then, shall enjoy better Malaysia.


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