I wanna be a King because I could rule without buying votes!

Politic is the last thing I like to write about.

Sarawak’s election has brought some new perspectives on our political’s sphere. I could not ignore but a little disappointed with both parties.

I felt cunningly stupid each time I spoke to a true politician who holds some posts in the government. Why did I feel stupid? Because I met these people while I was on duty. I had to maintain the non-partisan and could not offer  my own views related to political nature of the conversation. I could not vent out my own perceptions and opinions on them as freely as I would.

They were three of them that I met last few days. We spoke a little on the latest issues especially the infamous smut’s. I could not help but felt a bit boastful in writing ” we spoke a little” as if, they were my gossip buddies. They were in fact total strangers albeit they appeared far too often on the telly.

One of them was the former tennis’ buddy of Anwar Ibrahim. I asked him to expedite the revelation of the purportedly pure and solid evidences that he claimed he has. True to the nature of a politician…in due time he said.

Those solid evidences are varied in nature and stowed somewhere far from the country he continued. What happens to those proof if something were to happen to you at this instant I asked.

He said: They will be leaked by those whom he trusted for the guardianship of his valuable so-called solid proof.

This man was a dear friend to this famous manipulative politician and the saying ” birds of feather flock together” holds truth to whomever with keen eyes to see. To me, he is no different from the man he accuses of being nasty.

The solid evidences that he may have are his life insurance to prosper…not only to survive. They are his saviors in ensuring that he would be saved, protected and subtly, financially supported by the ruling party. Naive I may, but money always smells good to anyone especially so to any politician. What would happen to him if he blasted his gun now? Surely his aim and BN’s nemesis would be stripped naked for good but when the dust finally settled, he would be no longer useful to anyone. He knew this very well.

So, we shall wait until he gains as much as he could, to live lavishly  for the next ten generations or so before he opens his remaining stocks.

Now, the latest personality to follow his lead is RPK.

PKR’s hardliners and bloggers have started their accusations in saying that RPK has been bought. He may have perhaps.

This show to us that, no blogger in the world….including myself should be trusted. I do not care much whether he is the new nuke for BN or not but the fact is…as he claimed, that he was instructed by DSAI and knowingly aware that he was being used by the former akin to licking his own dirty feet. He has lost his credibility or whatever he has left. Perhaps he was tired living in exile and longing for authentic nasi lemak and roti canai here back home.

The pyramid of truth was, he made no effort to admit that he was blind sided nor he was apologetic to his blog’s followers. Much less to Malaysians at large.

And yet, many of his supporters still cling to the thin shred of hope that he was manipulated by BN through their mouthpiece TV3. Some even suggested he was forced to give that interview for the safety of his son. Even those who said that, the interview was aired with twisted facts and never uttered by RPK. The timing unashamely to win Sarawak’s election, no doubt but to me, it shows how people easily carried away fanatically to someone.

Let try to read any blog by anyone as a mere reading. For us to truly believing solely on what they have written is unwise. Further damage to our own belief when we spread and promote those blogs as if they were solidly fool proved to be the genuine news. Everybody can say ” I heard this from someone really close to…or I was informed by so and so”.

Most of us are eligible voters. Don’t make wrong choices just because we hate certain individuals because the future of our children are based on our decisions today.  I am pro-government because  have seen and tasted and still leading a relatively easy life. I do not fall into empty promises but  always count my blessings by seeing on what our country has achieved.

One of the three esteemed politicians has this to say to me before he return to his seat : Why don’t join politic…u seem quite interested in it?

My answer was ” Dato, I have few rotten skeletons in my closet. I do not think they would stay fresh if I were to keep them while I getting myself into politic!”

I hope, he understood the meaning of my short answer.


2 thoughts on “I wanna be a King because I could rule without buying votes!

Add yours

  1. Politicians are a lot like diapers. They should be changed frequently, and for the same reason.

    And my longhouse is 220meters from the main road, and still without water supply.
    The water supply we have is from God, and the river which we share with the crocodiles.

    1. Dear Mak Piah,
      I am with you on each word that you have written. My support for BN is not my key indication in supporting BN’s political figures. I support the party that have shown a good record despite the fact that much should have done. We are simply cannot give to a racist party of DAP to rule Sarawak. What more for the indecisive, problems laden party like PKR to take over from BN. The alternative to BN are seemingly worthless and probably spells doom for all of us Malaysia if they were to take over.
      UMNO and BN are now…need to be pushed from within by their members and Malaysians at large to change their ways of governing this nation.

      Taib is long overdue for him to leave. He is probably wants to leave in full dignity as a leader of Sarawak by quitting while still in power instead of being kicked out through a ballot box. Now, he has that chance and I hope he wont fool himself to carry on being the menteri besar far too long. Hopefully, he would step down before 13th general elections.
      On personal note, Taib has failed to improve the life of many rural Sarawakians. He pocketed too much money for himself and his family. Those money should have been used to equally helped the state to develop further. And SUPP political leaders who held many state assemblies were also should be blamed. They grew rotten in their comfortable offices without listening to the Chinese.
      The Federal Government should take some responsibilities for the failure….hmmmm not a failure but for the defensive action that they did not dare to interfere much into Sarawak’s inner political system as if Sarawak is the prodigal son of FG. The UMNO and Federal Government were and still are afraid to meddle much with what has happened in Sarawak for the fear that Sarawakians under the potential protest of Taib and the gangs to withdraw from Malaysia. Given choices, Taib had been removed by Tun Mahathir while he was in power.

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