for Tun Dr Mahathir

I have another 300 plus pages of Tun’s memoirs.

And now, the end is near,..I am feeling sad, the book is coming to its end,

And so I face the final curtain...yet I am not ready to finish it,
My friends, I’ll say it clear; you all should read his memoirs while he is still alive, to really appreciate him,
I’ll state my case of which I’m certain...forever I am  and we are all debted for his contributions

I’ve lived a life that’s full – of uncertainty when Tun stepped down,
I’ve travelled each and every highway...and I have seen many places in many countries,
And more, much more than this, Malaysia is always there in my heart and Tun had given us his best,
I did it my way….in such a way…to pray that he will always stay healthy.

Regrets? I’ve had a few,…he had a few regrets too,
But then again, too few to mention…but his critics used his regrets as bullets to smear his good name,
I did what I had to do…to support and defending him whenever and however I could,
And saw it through without exemption...that he is after all, another human being that full of mistakes.

I planned each charted course – but still thing went horrible wrong and I continue to commit blunder,
Each careful step along the byway, and for me to understand hurdles are there to make us stronger,
And more, much more than this, that we have to recognize, to admit our mistakes and learn from it,
I did it my way….to lead my life the way I find it possible.

Yes, there were times, I’m sure you knew,..his heart weakened by the hard works and never-ending quests to make us living in a better Malaysia,
When I bit off more than I could chew,…Tun’s body reacted by failing the heart…asking him to slow down,
But through it all, when there was doubt, ..Siti Hasmah always reminded him to continue doing what most dear,
I ate it up and spit it out….those unfounded accusations and lies,
I faced it all and I stood tall…alongside Tun in declaring to the world that we can conquer weaknesses and be a better nation,
And did it my way….he does his way too.

I’ve loved, I’ve laughed and cried,…how friends turned into adversaries,

I’ve had my fill – my share of losing…Tun has lost all his older sisters and brothers,
But now, as tears subside, Tun much more “bersyukur” that he is flanked by devoted wife and loving family,
I find it all so amusing….that Tun never thought to be the prime minister.

To think I did all that, to read and to know more about him,
And may I say, not in a shy way – that I love him unashamed,
Oh no. Oh no, not me….who would talk bad about him,
I did it my way…to protect my idol.

For what is a man? What has he got? He has the courage, determination and championed the best for us Malaysians,
If not himself – Then he has not. He knows eventually he would have to leave,
To say the things he truly feels and to say it out loud for the world to hear,
And not the words of one who kneels. He does not mince his words,
The record shows I took the blows when he was betrayed by friends and high-ranking ministers,
And did it my way…to believe they deserved the wreath of the mighty God.

Yes, it was my way….to forever grateful that Tun Dr Mahathir was once our Prime Minister.

My personal dedication to Tun by having his favorite song as my key words.


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