Would you know me if you saw me in heaven?

Watching the prediction of the experts on the 21st December 2012 on the Discovery Channel has given me this thought;


If we believe that the end of the world will happen on that day, I have few questions that really bother me.

Put aside religious matters just for a moment and dwell this with me.

Each person has someone who really dear to their heart. I have my own that is worldly to me.

If really the 21st of December 2012 would be the day that marks the end of this world, with whom shall I spend the final moments and hours of that dreadful day?

I have a conflicting thought. My partner still has a parents and so do I. Being typical Malays we are, our parents are surely a source of comfort especially so when the looming disaster that potentially wipe out the entire humans population.

The question is, my parents are in Langkawi, H@# are in Klang and we both live here in Puchong. Where should we both be spending the final hours before the doom day comes on knocking?

I’d like to be with my parents, asking for forgiveness and praying for the safe passage to the other world and surely my partner swears to be with h@# and be doing the same thing…praying etc.

It would be a massive flood of tears and farewell before we take our separate journey back to our own parents waiting the unimaginable catastrophe that will introduce us to the “padang masyar”.

(Would you know me if you saw me in heaven?) InsyaAllah!

Or perhaps…we decide not to believe and pretending that 21st December 2012 just another western’s hoax to create unnecessary panic, anxiety that benefits only best known to them.

If the approaching days are met with obvious signs that the predictions are truly coming to prove itself…then I shall rekindle this though; where and whom shall I spend my final moment with?

( The same question goes to my dear friends…Would you know me if you saw me there?)



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