It is a big deal!

From a distance we “telan” the “ayer lior” looking at people who are enjoying their breakfast in the coffee-house. All are provided for.

What we know or heard off…their employers are basically riding the same wave of uncertainty just like ours. It means that economically these airlines are doing barely enough to sustain themselves but look at their crew members who are given breakfast etc. Do they have more money than my airline? Or their station manager is cleverer in negotiating the hotel’s charges and on top of that, they were offered breakfast as a part of the deal?

Is Thai Airways has more money than us?

Here in Seoul, while our crew are offered a plain black coffee and tea by the lobby’s main pillar, the Thais are having vast array of buffet breakfast in the coffee-house.

I felt pang of disappointment and angry by just looking at them. We are one of the best cabin crew and yet….salivated ourselves looking at people having a good food. To use my own money? Forget it! I could not even buy a bun.

I can only name two hotels that are currently provide breakfast for the crew. I do not know who should be given a round of applause for this marvelous achievement in getting us breakie. It is quite a break through for such benefits are given to us.

In my years of service with this lovely airline, I can remember these places that we used to get breakfast:-

1. Los Angeles, San Pedro…it was for a short while, then that we had to pay for it. Remembered those days, we have to look our best in public places and coffee-house is not exception…here we were, early in morning came down for breakfast, tried to appear conscious of the surrounding for the sake of having a free breakfast. We would “hentam” as much as we could because it saved us from spending more for lunch. Sound pathetic isn’t it? But that’s the truth for being a crew. We had to struggle to save money for the “survival ” and free breakfast is one of the ways that we could safe a few dollars in skipping lunches.

2. South Africa, The Balalaika. It was a short stint that we were accorded with a breakfast. The foods were good…the ambience was beautiful as the cafe was located by the pool in the centre courtyard.  It made me feel like a colonial master that being served by the black people.

There were number of hotels that gave us breakfast in those days but I thought as we progressing well into this millennia, our officers who in charge of getting the deals for us should be smarter in pulling the best offers.

Or should we blame the “individual performance index” PMS on why did they so rigidly turned down those offer for a free meal etc in order to save a few ringgits for the company, so their PMS’ rating will be substantially rewarded?

You have failed to be the good employer and yet taken away the remaining benefits. Pity!


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  1. Copied from FB’s conversation on other airlines’ way of treating their staffers:
    From Andy Chemerai Job “tapi onboard before every single flts dapat tray sandwiches..and a fruit basket so takde la crew nak kedarah sangat masa heat meals”
    Andy is currently flying with Saudi Air

  2. 1) why does this company saving pennies in the expense of the crew?

    ****we/ employees allows it to happen. How long has this been going on. As far as I can remember. Seems that all these while the crew seemed fine with it. Yes they do grumble, but grumble is just a grumble. It is becoming music to the ears of those who should have done something. They dont care!

    ***** have you heard of diamond-is-a-chunk-of coal-that-is-made-good-under-pressure.
    Is that why that lovely company is always there on the top of the world’s best cabin crew?
    Even underpaid and overworked, crew still managed to give their best. Isnt that why lovely company didnt pay much attention to the welfare of the crew?

    I am glad I am no longer clad in the green hornets kebaya.

    x x x MP

    1. It was a blessing that you left this airline dear! Good for you that you are now with such dear company that really or at least trying to give the best to its staff. Pity la…after all these years, we are going backward with our benefits. Remember those days when we used to get some kind of early bonus for the forex? It was a good feeling having that kinda money even though those money rightly ours. It good to be a crew back then….now…hampeh!

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