Preaching are they?

Regret that I did not keep those pictorial children flash cards given to me by one the passengers on board. I should have reported this case to the relevant authority.

It was a young and sophisticated chinese lady who gave me a whole stack of high quality flash cards (more than 50 pieces) and told me that these cards may be helpful for my kids to learn English.

Reluctant at first but after profusely offered by her, I took them. I thanked for her generosity.

Back to galley, flipping through these cards, they looked just like any children flash cards except that these are expensive looking cards. I was glad.

Each piece comes with multiple languages including English, Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin, Korean and Hebrew. These cards are beautifully presented in giving its definitions on the picture printed on them. At first, I thought these multiple languages cards are great for teaching children to get to know animals, plants, building in so many languages etc but I was wrong.

Further scrutiny, I noticed that each picture is connected with its significant in Jewish culture and their religious teaching that were explained in a simple English.

When I had realized this, I was kind of thinking…should I be glad that someone, a total stranger was so generous in giving these cards?

Or should I be angry that someone had actually trying to use me for what? Was she preaching Judaism or teaching Hebrew? What is the scheme behind this free “lunches”? What is the bigger issue that I should be worry about when this random distribution of religious materials seemingly done in a broad day light? Or was I simply paranoid?

I read recently that there are groups of volunteers and NGOs who been promoting Christianity alongside their aides programs and many have been converted to this religion.

The choice of one’s faith is surely a personal matter but when the distributing aiders are using victims’ vulnerabilities to spread new religion, I think…It is a smart move but a very unethical mode of preaching!

In the case of Banda Aceh, The Samaritan’s Purse is based in North Carolina that fully sponsored by U.S government and they are the ones being accused for using money and aides in trying to convert muslims in Aceh. Many grateful victims have converted because the aides provided by this group are fast reaching them compared to those local organizations…even more saddening, the Islamic groups are too slow to give their hands to the needy. The Islamic countries should be shameful for their seemingly ineffective in giving assistance and support.


The Hebrew flash cards were given for what purpose? I want to know the answer.

I asked for a second opinion from my crew about my finding and surprise…surprise they have received the same stack of the cards a moment after I got mine.

Hmmm….what is happening here?


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