Only When You Have A little, Senses Revisited.

When I was in the secondary school, I used to save up twenty to fifty cents a day. By saving that much which most days went without dropping a single cent into the piggy (nothing much left in the pocket even before the lunch time), I had envisioned to buy things that fancied my eyes.

The things that I managed to buy when the piggy was full,were mostly books, after all my hometown Langkawi had nothing much to offer back then in the early nineties.

I used to treasure every single cent that I have because money was not easily to come by. The chinese kids next door always brimmed with new toys, new clothes and bragged about the new writing utensils with cartoon characters printed on them. We were not from a poor family just that, I always thought that I had always left behind with the new trends in clothing and toys.

And today, with my mere salary, still indulging myself with a cuppa at the Starbuck’s at RM16/mug which at mamak is only RM2.00.

Five years ago…when my pocket was slightly deeper, I splurged on RM**** a month on car, shirt that cost easily RM***per piece, shoes that were around RM****/pair.

Now…I am broke!

Asking myself….” What has happened to that “sayang” on every single cent that I used to be when I was a kid? “


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