Faux Display of Status

Those who in a possession of many Coach handbags and other products under the same brand should be by now…letting them off to their younger siblings or even to their maids.

First, the local drama called DONUT made fun of the brand by saying that those people in Europe are not very keen on buying Coach because they are mostly bought by those lower earners.

( Kak Nita up sikit…Coach!!)

As for myself, I have never fancy the brand. Even if I like them, I could not afford.

Now, sitting my ass flat at the Starbuck’s waiting for my another half pumping iron at gym, I noticed that quite many people are actually carrying the brand. Put aside the authenticity of it but the brand surely making its name in Malaysia. Coach boutique here in Sunway Pyramid is located near the main entrance of the old wing.

What I can see from where I am sitting, the boutique receives stream of genuine shoppers who walked out with the touts in hands.

If you like what the masses are buying, then this “high” brand is suitable to your preferences.

I have said that many walked ins and walked outs with their purchases in hands…yes true but the clienteles of this premises are not particular of those really wearing high-heels. Hmmm…how do I say? It seems the brand is truly famous amongst those who are not so really well to do in high-end kind of lifestyle.

Why did I say that? I could see that those aunties, makciks and young girls are not specially having a refined taste. They probably having bundles of cash to splurge around but certainly the way they dressed, mannerism are vastly different from those that you see walks into Hermés or Burberry.

If you bought these products simply because they are made with the highest quality and cheaper compared to those brands from Paris or Rome, then it is quite forgivable.


To those who have these Coach wallets, handbags, shoes etc who buying them for the sake of showing off…it is about time to break the bank and to change your displaying units to higher and commanding brands. Coach simply stays at the bottom rank amongst those being used to display wealth, status and glam.

Look at the Coach boutique here in Sunway Pyramid…it is the only brand that usually people tried to assimilate themselves, falsely thinking that this brand is standing equal to Louis Vuitton or Prada. The very existence of this boutique here shows that the brand’s target markets itself are amongst those who….less exposed to the life of what luxury is all about.

If you were to ask a Puan Sri who carrying a Birkin about this brand Coach, she probably thinks that you were talking about a restaurant or some sort of transportation’s mode.

If she knows, probably she will say ” Ah…I bought those for my maids!”


4 thoughts on “Faux Display of Status

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  1. I guess the last sentence shud be written as ” Ahhh i think i saw my maid wore that once…” if she bought it, she probably remember it better. Gituhhhhh

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