Man in Nehru

Read a “wall” of a dear friend yesterday had awakened the sense of muted racism in me.

Earlier of the day, I read a comment from MCA’s vice president who reminded Tun Dr. Mahathir not to forget history that the great independent of this country was fought by all Malaysians regardless of race. He also mentioned that the Tanah Melayu is referred as a mere geographical connotation in referring the ancient Malaysia as such…just a geographical but nothing related to the Malays who ruled this peninsula for hundred of years  or the Malays Land of which the very same name should never have  any relationship to the Malays.It was simply defined by this guy as Tanah Melayu as if you are saying that China is just a name for country that does not represent its people who “inherited” this land from their ancestors. Would mainland Chinese be pleased if we were to define their country as such? As if he was saying that China or India are merely named and given to these countries as these words were taken from the skies and the people who live on it…they have nothing to do with the formation of these names. How absurd!

Ohhh…the clever ones may say that this land was originally populated by the orang Asli or the ingenious people, thus Malays do not have the right to call this land as  their home because their ancestors were mainly from many parts of ancient Indonesia. Their argument is…since Malays were also migrated from other places to this land, it means the Malays are no different from the ancient Chinese and Indians who were migrated or brought into the country.  With this notion, they continue to deny or  telling the modern Malays that their Bumiputra status is a rampant abuse of human rights and racial in nature because they were once migrants as well.

Were these people fought the brutal pirates along the straits? Were they the ones fought with Siamese?  Many died fighting the “Portugis, Belanda and orang putih” in the early era of European colonization. Should we simply wipe off histories on these ancient Malays who died defending this beloved country of ours?  All these had happened when the Great China was still a closely guarded feudalism.

(In this modern day Malaysia, how many percent of non Bumis in the public forces such as police, army, fire brigade, air force and Navi? If a disaster broke out or close encounters with criminal activities etc…surely the big representative of Malays and Bumis who serving in these forces are first to be deployed! This is another fine example that patriotism amongst Bumis is branded in their hearts. I dare not to question where or how is the patriotism amongst non Bumis can be measured.)

How abusive this status to those who never tried to understand this subject, have they ever seen any public signs read such as ” For Bumiputras Only!” at train stations, airports etc? The government had never segregated the non Malays from the masses but they were the ones who chose to be different in championing their so-called cultures and languages by introducing their own schools which are taught in their respective languages.

Lee Kuan Yew did very well for his country by strictly introduced English as a medium at schools, universities and government offices. And many modern Chinese Singaporeans are Mandarin illiterate especially prevalent in reading and written Chinese. At one point, many Chinese there in Singapore wish not to be seen carrying or reading Chinese News paper. Embarrassed.

But here in Malaysia, this language is thriving because there had never been any restriction and even more being pursued to master the language with the emergent of China as a new economic power house.

If our first Prime Minister had followed the same approached and been really firm in his decision to allow either bahasa or English as a teaching medium and only one type of school that Malaysian pupils went to, our OneMalaysia concept should never existed because the core problem in binding all different races had been removed before it starts to germinate. Now…after more than 50 years…each race including Malays, Indians and Chinese are vastly different with their understanding of what Malaysia is all about.

The introduction of OneMalaysia is commendable but shamefully it’s also signaling to the world that Malaysia is still having racial problems.

They have forgotten also that the entire areas between Australia and Southern Asia were known as Malay archipelago before the formation of Indonesia, Malaya, Brunei,  and Singapore. Indonesia was part of the ancient Malay archipelago and that very nature entitles Malays to proclaim that this long stretch of peninsula were once part of vast Malay kingdoms. Hence, Malays should be forgiven to think that Malaysia is used to be solely theirs. Any suggestion to differ from this belief will only fuming the racial sensitivity. The different countries that we have now around this region are in fact the sign of divorce from one single entity to as what they are today and thank to the Europeans for the fall.

Back to the original intention:

He asked Tun not to forget history and do not alter or rewriting on how did we gain our independent. How convenience it is for this MCA’s guy  to forget the well documented historical facts about his own country that is now called Malaysia.

Yes…we have moved a long way from those eras of Hinduism, pre-Islamic, Malacca Sultanates and the ancient Kesultanan Melayu and now…2011. You may say…let forget history and move forward. When histories are forgotten, we bound to make the same mistakes.

Tun was merely made a statement that this very land used to be called Tanah Melayu because historically it was really governed and populated mostly by the Malays. Only later changed its name Malaya by the British but still, the name Malaya was taken from the word Malay. Can someone tell me why did not they use other than that name in reference to this rich former colony  of the Great Britain as something else?

My history is very hazy but this MCA’s guy has surely stirred many sleeping bees in their hives.

Anyway…the man in Nehru most probably would be Tun Dr Mahathir.

I am sad to hear educated people calling him names as if, he had never done anything good for this country.

Note: Muted Racism means everybody is racist regardless he is a Pope or the Grand Imam of Mesjidil Harem. Just that this sense of racial sentiment is left idle and only can be provoked from it domain state after a series of uncalled remarks etc.



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  1. I agree with you. I really like your point regarding the public force issue.
    Furthermore,even after 50 years, some part of these communities still fail to speak the NATIONAL language properly.

    1. These people only talking about patriotism when involving money. Surely salaries paid for being employed in these forces are meagre compared to those who even run the illegal money lender agencies, or selling DVD from table to table BUt still dare to say that we Bumis are robbing of their rights when they were the ones offered bribes to traffic officers and most governments officers!

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