Seemingly Harmless Jargon

If you are a regular traveler, you may have heard some of the  jargon that I have written below but hardly had the opportunity to get to know the real meaning behind these strange terminologies.

“Cabin crew, please arm and cross check all doors!”

This is an instruction from the cabin crew in-charge, asking crew to close the main entries and to engage a special device fixed onto each of aircraft doors. This device works as an activator in launching the emergency slide during unlikely event of evacuation.

Upon hearing this instruction, the crew will scramble, leaving whatever they were doing and to comply with an absolutely urgency. Failing to do so, the aircraft wont budge from it stationary position and those who fail to adhere to this, are subjected to a severe disciplinary action. That is why, sometimes you could see the crew just quickly dashes to the door, wave  their hands if you were trying to talk to them  and concentrating to engage this special device. They have to cross checking with opposite door to ensure their colleague would do the same. Then these two crew members would exchange this ” The door is armed and cross checked!”. This action had to be seen and laudable for each of the crew to fully ensure that their respective doors are in armed or ready for any emergency  evacuation.

This is a compulsory feature that enable each door to be installed with an inflatable slide chute that either can be used as a sliding alone or floating raft.

When you hear this, it means all doors have been closed and ready to depart. Beyond this point if you see any empty seat, you may now jump into it.

Why is this so important?

If the crew  members have forgotten to activate this device and somehow….that the very flight have met with a situation which required an emergency evacuation and this particular door has failed to inflate due to the fact that the crew have forgotten to arm the door, then a serious case of misconduct’s shall take place. Even a serious legal implication could be fallen unto the crew if the investigation has revealed that the crew’s negligent may have hampered the evacuation or be charged with an involuntary man-slaughter  if there is a lost of life involved.

Knowing this now, you have to pardon the crew for ignoring your call when you hear this instruction blaring through the PA system.

Upon arrival, after a few seconds when the aircraft arrived at the parking bay, you will once again hear this :

“Cabin crew, please disarm and cross check all doors!”

Now, the instruction is to reverse the action. It is to disengage the locking mechanism that is to be used to launch the slide or the raft. The urgency of this action is equally important to ensure that the safety of those outside of the aircraft is secured. Failing to disarm any of these doors could spell disaster because inadvertently opening the aircraft’s door while it’s still armed will automatically launching the slide raft with a full force of pressure approximately 2000 to 3000 psi. It could easily knock away a three-tonne pick-up, whats more on a mere human body.

These are two commonly heard “praises” or airlines jargon that you are now made aware off. Will continue with more of it…





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