Lack of Respect or None?

They are really from the planet of the Apes.

Mostly not but some are.

We were having lunch when someone brought the Kota Belanda’s case to the table.

Everyone talked on what they have heard without knowing there was this girl who has indeed had been part of the crew on that fateful trip.

She broke her silence when we mentioned how could the commander had decided to return to Kuala Lumpur when all the crew under his wings were still traumatized with what has happened.

She said, while the faces of the female crew members were all smeared with tears and mourning the death of their fellow crew, the four “drivers” were sitting at the adjacent sofas, talking to themselves and intermittently burst into  laughing fits as if the unfolding incident just another unimportant demise of unknown person.

It was disheartening to learn that, none of them ever shown any sense of grieve and kept asking crew to quickly make decision to fly home despite knowing how uneventful the morning had been.

These seemingly(obviously) heartless drivers were my race..they’re Malays. Was it because the decease was a Chinese and non-Muslim that they have decided to be so lack of respect and shown no sympathy?

When she talked about this, I could see the sadness, anger and disappointment that she must have felt on that dreadful morning when her so-called utmost authority failed to behave in a way suitable with the situation.

I have read somewhere a story of Prophet Muhammad SAW who stepped out and bowed his head as a mark of respect when the funeral procession of a non-Muslim passes through the front yard of his house.

To me…I felt shame, embarrassed and angry that my fellow Muslims failed to show respect to another human beings regardless what race or faith they are.




2 thoughts on “Lack of Respect or None?

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  1. I cant help to think for days what could have drive her up the wall and finally hit the the ground. My fear is, that some of our circle of friend might gone thru some same difficulties in life and we sit beside them and not knowing, or might just refuse to see. Help a friend. Ask if they are ok. Some just need some to notice them.
    Rest In Peace, AMS girl.

  2. Well said Mak Piah. It is true that sometimes we failed to see the obvious. For as long I remember, especially those days when we have to leave home almost 20 days and during the pre-flight briefing in KUL, the very first briefing : the boss said ” Now leave everything behind, leave all your problems at home….you are in the uniform and act professionally as a crew!”
    I was like….hmmmm are you a robot Mr. IFS? Do you have a special device that can be used to transfer all your problems and worries in there…then come for the flight like a fresh minted coin?
    Come on la…the flying crew members are humans with their own set of problems that cling to the heart and soul like a second skin.
    Please offer yourself ( as the head of group) a shoulder to cry on….especially if the trip is going to be such a long way from home for an extended amount of time.
    Each of us…have family at home and we have to work to earn a living. The cabin crew are not a bunch of army personnel or commandos that are trained to eat rotten carcasses, that they could be living without any emotion.
    The 5 star recognition comes with a touch of sincere emotion and feel.
    Without this feel and raw emotion as what we have on-board….then, we could never came this far!

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