They have left, these good people

He was one of my favorite In-Flight Supervisors(IFS). To the rest of the world, this position is called an In-Flight Purser.

This story was told by my friend who travelled in business class.

It was a bumpy ride and he had to go the loo. The lavatory was located near the galley at door one. And a few steps away was the entrance to the cockpit.

He would usually had a little chat with the crew who attended the galley. There was a steward and this IFS who was munching his lunch while standing. They were chatting when the captain emerges from the cockpit. The IFS suddenly throwing a childlike tantrum, stomping the floor lightly and he said this to the shell-shocked captain:

” Captain, I told you…ikut highway tau but you still amik jalan kampung! See what happens…very bumpy la the journey!”

“Captain, I told you…to take the highway but you took rural road, see what happens…it’s bumpy journey!”

Initially the captain kind of lost,it took a while for his to digest the joke and laughed his heart out.

And I have also witnessed this antic by the same IFS.

We were having breakfast at the coffee-house on the second day of our stay in Amsterdam. It’s a common hotel’s cafe that was also patronized by other guests.

From afar we could see a new set of cabin crew who were just checked in and they were heading to the coffee-house for breakfast. This set was led by the late Zakaria Isnin whose nicknamed as Mak Ungku or literally means Your Highness of sort.

As Zakaria stepped into the coffee-house, my IFS suddenly stood up, walked hurriedly toward him, bowed his head, curtsied (as what Alice did so often in the her wonderland)and on his bended knee…he “kowtow” Zakaria as if he was the Emperor of China. Obligingly IFS Zakaria played along…touched this guy’s head lightly as if he was giving a blessing. This was happening in front of everyone in the coffee-house. The room went silent for a few minutes due to this Royal entrance.

It just such a pure and original act of humor that still brings a smile to my face.

He was my favorite and we had only one Adnan Abas. May you having a blessed life whenever you are.



4 thoughts on “They have left, these good people

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  1. Kan..Zaki baik and fun jugak tapi I have never flown with him. See…if you are nice, common sense is used properly….surely our names would be remembered in such a good way! Amin and AlFatihah untuk Zakaria too. May his soul rests in peace.

  2. Adnan Abbas, Christie Joseph, Constance ( cant remember her last name), Zaki Ahmad…- -has definitely made me missed my green kebaya days. I pray that they have a good life now,where ever they are. May we, learn from these good people and follow their steps.

    x MP

    1. Actually Mak Piah…they are so many unsung heroes who did not make it to our list in here. As usual we could only remembered of those who are nasty and mean because the cuts that these people left in our hearts went deeper and unhealed. It is easy to forgive but hard to forget. They have forgotten that, each word is a doa; if it a good word…then it would be good for us but if doesnt, seemingly people are cursing us!

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