A little intervention! PutraHeights on the cold war

It is none of my bloody business.

There is a crisis at my friends’. This has been going on far too long. If all parties could no longer see each other eye to eye, then a solution must be found.

There is a grace period of silence that usually helps the unsettling issues involving housemates to finally resolve through discussion or intervention of impartial party to soothe the situation. If all failed, then decide that life has to move on without having to live under the same roof anymore.

I am writing this hoping that these people would read and understand my message.

There is no need to use another friend to do simple task on your behalf because you are no longer wanted to talk to one another. And the offended person should also exercise logic, be straight forward and do what necessary to ensure that the crisis is not escalate which ultimately will involve those friends who are unsure to take side or probably wanted to stay away from both parties.

Usually the smooth talker would have the upper arm in getting the support that he may need to appear innocent. Whats more when the disputing parties are divided by vast differences in both personality and financial.

Money buys comfort. Money buys happiness and money also could be used to buy friendship.

Money also could destroy families and long friendships.

In this case, one party has a shorter arm in getting a new house but the other already has a shelter and money to spend…then take a GRACIOUS leave and build your new life somewhere. Do not wait until “halau menghalau”!

Perhaps, one day when the dust settled and the hatchet has been buried, the bridge been rebuilt….then embrace each other as a friend again.

Don’t let this problem escalate to involve your dear friends. When they are forced to choose side, then you will have South and North Korea.

Dear my friends…this has been too long! Get rid that cancerous


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