Where have I gone wrong?

My name was at the bottom most of the list. Probably was the youngest amongst all. Those magic words such as “excuse me, I am sorry, thank you for teaching me” were dancing on my lips so frequently till they would still be uttered even in  my sleep. I wet my undies upon hearing those dreadful names that made it to the top ten of the most unwanted bosses.

I had never heard these words such as “cart” or even “galley” during my college years and now they expected me to pronounce words like Pâté de foie gras, croissan and the likes of Dom Perignon or Stolichnaya. I was totally lost.

The first time I was scheduled flying to Paris had been as the usual day of my new career. I came to realization of my being in France when the Eiffel Tower stood tall in front of me. Never in my wildest dreams that I would someday standing in front of this metal structure. How wonderful the feeling was watching this iconic tower, my subsequent visits had been less and less trill. The tower had become the everyday objects that I don’t bother to look at.

Only my first few visits to London that the “The London Bridge is falling down” echoed in my head but after a few times, the song seemingly forgotten. But the vision of Sherlock Holmes never failed to fade away.

Fast forward 15 years later, my name is still not at the upper most of the list but rests in between the highest and the lowest on the chart. The employment position that I am in is the most fragile amongst all. A single extra bar comes with thousand responsibilities. A dozen compliment letters seemingly lost their ways to the office but a single complain would warrant me to write two pages letter of explanation.

With this position, I have a little voice but hardly audible. I am slightly taller but hardly seen. I am a little wiser with a residing hair-line and grey shoots sprouting rapidly on my head.

Even though the shirt I am wearing is white in color, the fact that I am still a blue colored employee is undeniable.

Yes, it is true that I am the boss in that metal tube with an extra bar that is worth only RM100. Other than that, I am subjected to the same rules and regulations as those who joined GOLD a few days ago.

Love is no longer in the air.



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