Thick Face

He was the last to board the plane. The overhead compartment in business class was full but I did my best to stow his bag into it. This big and tall “matsaleh” then took “his” seat at 4F. Next to him was an off duty captain positioning back to Kuala Lumpur.

When I turned my head after stowing his bag, I noticed that he was already in his slumber mode and was sitting on his back, slouching and seemingly sleeping.

Checked my passengers’ list and GEN-DEC shown that I should only have 13 passengers instead of 14. There was an extra person in the business class. This late comer’s seat supposed to be vacant.

I called the traffic staff and asked him to speak to the passenger to ensure there was no mistake in seating arrangement. I stood beside him ear-dropping.

The traffic staff asked for the boarding pass and it clearly printed the seat was 20D.

” Oh…I thought it was 4F!”.

( 20D and 4F…hmmmm glaring mistake right?)

No apology offered by him.

He was then asked politely by the staff to return to where he belongs.

After the meal service, during my walk-around, I saw that he just let loose his legs in the middle of the aisle and sleeping soundly. Very selfish!

There was an occasion while I was rearranging magazines in the bustle, he drew the curtain and saying this to my face

” I want to go to toilet!”. He will have to pass me because i was standing in the middle of the aisle.

“There are two toilets in economy sir.” I said.

“It’s a long queue there.” He replied.

“In that case sir, you have to wait and take the queue just like the rest of your fellow passengers.”

” There is a toilet here which unoccupied and why can’t I use it?”

” Let me put it politely sir, there is a very simple reason that we have two classes on this plane. Business and economy class. With all due respect sir, those seating in this class enjoying certain privileges accorded to them simply because we offered limited seats here to ensure that their needs and comfort are met swiftly. The use of toilet is one of the privileges that reserved only for them. They do not have to wait, otherwise in economy class sir”.

“Hope you would understand the situation sir, and please take the queue at the back. Who knows, it might get longer if you don’t go now. Thank you”

He left.

No more intrusion and  after almost two hours, we were ready to land.

“Cabin Crew, be seated for landing!” The announcement came loudly through the speakers. As we were taking our seats, the same lanky passenger suddenly came to the business and taking the same seat that he purportedly taken by mistake earlier during boarding. Nothing much we could do as the aircraft has already on the final approach to land.

While the aircraft was standing idle on the tarmac waiting for parking clearance…I went to see him and a bit of “mouthful” la that I given him. Of course….I wont write what have I said to him but I hope he had learnt some lessons in basic courtesy. But again, people with a thick face can and will do all sort of things to get what they want.


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  1. GOOD reply. These Mat saleh think they are superior than us they they could get away with it.

    One time I saw this Pax in B747 use toilet in GCC near door 2 on ground, and clear all the toileteries, and stuff it in his jacket. With his straight face (thick face), walk back to his seat. Its obvious he have done it before, and of course i didnt interrogate him, but told GCC crew to replenish the toileteries and told to HER that HE stole our toileteries.

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