Inflated ego punctured by the tongue

In ten years, there are two countries forecasted to be the world’s economic powers. The two  are China and India.

With years of flying experience to all over the world, the nationals of hmmm..(I do not dare to spell it out!: note the Singular Entity)are the most difficult to please, the most demanding, arrogant and even the Arabs take second place on the scale of tolerance. Their impatience is legendary.

I just wondering how would they behave when they are truly at the pinnacle of success, wealth and glory.

This is an inflammatory remark but you can ask any flight attendant of any airline especially asian airlines, they would swear on their mothers’ graves to echo my writing.

When they boarded the plane, they are the first to ask for water and they demanded to be served right away even though they are well aware of the fact that the crew are in the mid of welcoming the rest of passengers. They thought that the crew may simply snap their fingers and a whole jug of water would come flying from the galley. If we promised that we would come back as soon as we manage to wade through the in-flow of passengers boarding, they would call other crew member by saying this ” I have waited for my water for half an hour!” and how is that possible…when you just put your ass in that seat in less than 10 minutes since boarded the plane?

I’d like to share this story that happened to me a few years ago.

It was in the mid of meal service. I had offered choice of meals of which he wanted to know every detail of the ingredients and how they were cooked. I tried my best to explain within my inept knowledge in culinary. When he finally chose his meal, he asked for a glass of whiskey.

I asked him politely, “Would you like a scotch or bourbon sir?

“I’d like scotch and what scotch that you have?”

” Red label sir.”

” No, I don’t drink cheap scotch, black label please”

” I am afraid sir, I can only offer you these two types of whiskey as we serve only these two”

” I am sure you have a better whiskey in business class, right?

” Yes sir, unfortunately those whiskies are privileged for passengers in the business class. I am sorry that I have to serve you either one of these whiskies in economy sir”

” I do not take my meal without my whiskey and I only drink good least a black label. Please get me two glasses from business class!”

” I wish I could fulfill your request sir but I have a quite extensive array of other liquors here in economy”

” No, I want my whiskey. Otherwise I wont be able to enjoy my dinner. It’s a family tradition. I don’t mind paying as long as I have my whiskey with my meal”

( He was very loud)

” We do not sell those whiskeys in business class sir, I am sorry”

” How much is it I don’t care, get me the whole bottle if you must! I’ll pay!”

As if he knew for certain that I would never be able to take those drinks from business class. This is another classic case of demanding something impossible to showcase that “they are not belong here in economy” but their social status is above those seated next to them. The sad thing is, the social status alone wont buy them business class tickets. You need money to elevate your ego.


Suddenly I had an idea.

” Would you prefer Chivas Regal or Black Label Sir?”

” Chivas!”

I called my galley steward, passed him the key and whispered something to him. I took out an in-flight sales catalogue and waited for the return of the steward. He came with a new bottle of Chivas which was still in the box.

” Sir, I would never wished to see you having your meal without your favorite drink. Fortunately, I have a bottle of Chivas here which available for sale and here the catalogue to confirm the price of it”

You could really see the man’s ego was shattered and he had to buy the whole damn bottle otherwise his loud whining of family tradition of having an expensive whiskey at the table…sounded rather a case of exaggerated luxury. The face of his wife was turning blue when I mentioned the price of the whiskey. The Chivas itself was not that expensive just the price of their pride that being displayed for all to see.

” Do you like me  to get you two glasses of ice-cube sir for your whiskey?”


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  1. Itu pun dah dikurengkan lasernyer. Kalu unedited or uncensored version…lagi hanjing dan bangsat passenger tu dan lagik cantik i bahasakan dia. Nanti la one lucky day when i dah resigned and i am no longer answerable to anyone…i will reveal all!

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