Indian Rupees

It has been answered. In Delhi!

After all these years of in and out of India, I have finally found the answer to this rather lame question. Why most food outlets, even fast food operators and food courts are using the coupon or pre-paid card system?

A study has been conducted and swear to God I could not remember when it was that I read this intriguing fact on how dirty money is. I am talking about the real sense of hygienic case of paper bills and coins, not that kind of dirty money associated with “duit haram”, money laundering etc but the real micro lives on these sought after papers.

Indian rupees emerge as the dirtiest, the most abused and the longest used beyond its intended period of usage. The U.S Federal Reserve shredded their greens after about 18 months(provided those money came back to them, mostly these bills are everywhere in the third world countries)after they were “vomited” from the ATMs.

The case of Indians rupees, they are used to the state of almost unrecognizable.

And these paper bills are heavily infested by millions of germs and very unfriendly bacterium. Yeah…of course all paper money are dirty and full of germs but rupees are different bred of money.

I asked the hotel receptionist and he gave me a very good explanation about my question on why food outlets seemingly refused to use cash but we have to exchange these cash into sort of debit card or coupon to buy food.

He didn’t mention about the Indian rupees being the dirties in the world, maybe he does not know that fact but he said that the money is very dirty in India because these paper bills are changing hands from Amitabachan to Shah Rukh Khan( I have exaggerated that a bit ) to a taxi driver, to a businessman, to a roadside fruits seller, to a beggar who never washed his hand and finally to ME and I am using this cash, taking out from my wallet using my bare hand, handed over to the Subway’s cashier and a few minutes later….pushing the sandwich down my throat, licking the mayonnaise on my finger while the germs are now making their way to my ever sensitive tummy.

So, he said that there are too many cases of food contamination involving food handlers who have direct contact with the cash,hence the government has instructed these kind of food operators to use other mean of payment in-lieu of cash. No cashiers are allowed to handle food vice versa. And surely this is a nice approach but use your common sense at the very large-scale here in India when using your hard-earned cash. Even after 15 years of flying to these exotic destinations, I am still being bugged by these germs.

I had a mild stomach discomfort last night. It explains that my friendly bacteria are still being defeated by the super bugs of India.


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  1. Kan….sesuatu. Tapi i bukan niat nak mengutuk. Mandi kat hotel pun, I takut air dia masuk mulut. Air tu bersih tapi rasa mcm masam masin sikit…eeeee…risau I takut air tu dari Ganges River…..No pun intended.

  2. talking abt the water in DELHI… i have to boil the bottled drinking water even for coffee, just to be sure i dont get food poisoning

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