A little pujian!


To all stewardesses who have worked with me in business class

“Each time when I saw my crew genuinely giving their best care for passengers regardless of their race, it warmed my heart”

When she holds passenger’s hand and leads her to the toilet or brings her to the wheelchair, lifting her to the seat and making sure she is comfortable…it really gives me a great pleasure of knowing that they have done a good job.

When I do my walk around in the cabin, seeing passengers are well wrapped with blankets….neat and tidy, I know those blankets were placed by the crew.

When I see she is ready with both hands in plastic gloves, I know she is going to refresh the toilet. When I enter the toilet, it smells fresh, toilet papers are well folded, the seat is covered with a disposable sheet and the mirror is clean, I know my stewardess just used it a moment before I entered.

When there is a glass filled with water on the galley top, I know it is meant for me.

When they kept asking me to “makan” but they have not eaten anything yet, I know they are hungry. Ever so polite and diplomatic.

When I am gone to economy to assist them with the service, she is busy preparing things for the next sector, chilling juice, stocking up daily use of coffee tea set or closing the bar.

These are minor things done by the crew that usually make my day!


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