My Dear Lappy

My another half bought a new lappy and he brings that spanking MacPro along for work. That leaves me a little choice but to plug-in this old machine and jolted him from a long slumber. This is the first time that am using my loyal laptop after that new gadget was brought home.

My Compaq Presario which has never given me any problem except an occasional hiccups such as “hang” or giving me little tantrums akin to a child seeking for attention.

All these years, this lappy has served me well…very well indeed. My friends have seen how did I usually treat my things. My car could easily be mistaken as a lorry hantu. The interior is full of empty bottles, the seats are smeared with patches of food stains, when it moves, it produces all sort of noises. For me, when I bought thing, I would show my special care only for a short while. When I notice there is a few new scratches, then the love blossoms into hmmm…to use it with a little care.

There is no exception with this laptop. When I first bought it, I would properly wipe it off from the dust, when carrying around I would nicely placed it in the well padded bag. For the trips, it would be sandwiched between the cloth and carried onto the cabin.

When I do not fancy them anymore or they have exhausted their usefulness, their rightful place is usually the bin. I don’t have that nostalgic feeling with the things that I bought regardless how much have I spent on them.

To some or those who are good at defining personal characteristic or reading human behaviors may have some negative perceptions and conclusions towards me but I am being me…wearing my heart on the sleeve.

And tonight, I have a little confession.

I do have a little love for this lappy. If tomorrow comes and this lappy suddenly has reached its ultimately journey, numerous attempts of CPR that fails to resuscitate it back to life; be known my dear friend that you have served me beyond your average expectancy and for that, you have saved me time and money. I shall have you “cremated” because your heart and soul are full with my ups,downs and many secrets which only two of us that could have shared and seen.

If you are ready to go….I am letting you go. But if you’re not…you are still welcomed where you are now.You are part of the family.

Thank you for everything.


2 thoughts on “My Dear Lappy

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  1. hehehe….dah agak dah….mesti ader yg mengaitkan I dgn penjagaan buah hati kan? Yg itew lain sikit….lain case….yg satu nie amat dijaga dgn rapi. huhuhu

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