Here we go again

People are still talking about it, They still ask me about it. Am I proud? No. I am only glad that the riddle on the surface is still wobbles the boat.

News travels far and wide. Most of the time, it gets saturated, filtered and flavored.

Some have said that I had cried during my speech. Some even said that I made a rude hand gesture, even been called to the office. Quite interesting though, that people assumed that I have tendered my resignation’s too.

Let put the record straight…none of all the above had ever happened. I am still happily working, burning my ass out! Doing my bid to maintain the company’s image.

Whatever we may have said are intentionally emotional ( how much we try to deny, they are all been thought about somewhere in your cortex). There is no word that simply comes out from the mouth without any emotion attached to it. Those words that I have said that day were all emotional plea that came from within. I uttered those words to represent the real sense of personal disappointment in rational thinking given through unconventional way…the biadap sort.

Some may have said that I was looking for the limelight. Gila glamor in Malay. Why should I hunger to be famous after almost 15 years in this company? I just “staged” my true feeling towards what IS happening with my organization.

Some may have said that I was rudely mannered.

I did not received any complain either from my own colleagues or our customers( through these years). Why did I become rude all of a sudden? Surely something brewing that this seemingly polite man to utter those words in front of many “distinguished” personalities.

It was quite shocking to the man who I mentioned his name that day. I am pretty sure the fact that the cordial relationship between an employee and the “employer” that HAD existed between the two would somehow spared him from the tirade of my anger. It was not HIM that I was fighting, it was the system within and around him that disgusted me that ultimately fought to get notice.

Enough about that.

Two weeks ago, somewhere above South China Sea, there was a lady from within my organization who had climbed the ladder to be in the office. She asked me about the working conditions and the salary etc. I told her the truth and she said that…my salary is above average (being what I am doing). She continued defending the salary schemes that I and my colleagues are forced to accept.

She suggested that I (we, there were three of us) should jump the ship to our rival company since the X.Company pays better than us. Why are you staying if you are not happy with this company?

I did not have the time to answer her. If I had…I told her this: There are many people who are not happy with Malaysia as a whole, but do not sideline those majority who are generally very happy but mum about it . Generally the ruling party is the main target. Let say, we have thousands of complains from individuals and politicians from opposition parties about Malaysia. Is it right for the government or any individual representing the country to say that ” If you are not happy here…leave and stay somewhere else!” Is it a right thing to say?

Certainly she was not well-educated in public relations to say those words.


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