The Real Thing; Rocking the boat

The assertion: I am not an ounce worth of weight to be compared to Tun Dr Mahathir. He is after all…the living legend. Therefor, I have read and trying to emulate some of his approach in my daily life which I have failed miserably. Regrettably.

On the recent out-bust, what I have done and choice of words that flung wildly from my lips was done in such a manner that I simply described as distasteful and some critics may even accused me as kurang ajar.

I had a motive.

How distasteful it was, I did it with a calculated risk and fully prepared for whatever outcomes that may befallen upon me. Bragging I am not but I had to do what I had to do.

The distinguished person who was gravely affected and possibly bruised during my out-bust was the victim of the circumstances which to me, I had attacked the position that he is in, not his personality and being misunderstood by those attended as an action akin to character assassination or rudely mannered.

I could however, to beat around the bush without naming the person but I would never done differently if I were given a second chance on the podium. I am not proud on what I have done but in order to bring some major changes, I had to introduce a new approach in waking up those people who are too comfortable on their laurels or at least I was shouting out loud to the real person who holds the yardstick to turn around and see for himself that his hundred of buttons on the pedestal are being wrongly tuned. There are many apple polishers, all abound.

Tun Dr Mahathir had been accused as kurang ajar when he publicly criticized Tunku with his infamous open letter and subsequently terminated from UMNO and Tun had also been labeled as anti monarch when he wanted to  amend the constitutions regards to Royal Assent and Privileges in 1983. All in all…of these  “out of norm” methods were done by Tun have been successfully proven to bore fruits.  I am not saying that I have the same caliber as the esteemed Tun Dr Mahathir but I am trying to emulate some of his ways in rocking the boat to shake them from their cruising mode. They may not be closing their eyes but the polite assertion of complains, emails, grievances were seemingly ignored.

It is safe to say that, I have been reduced and has become such an ungrateful person because of very-very long frustrations that have accumulated over the years…15 years waiting for changes which never came. I have done all the conventional methods in addressing the shortcomings and always met with aggravated disappointments  when my voice seemingly lost in transition. Then, I thought why not(This Time) if I could use Tun’s way of doing thing by being direct and truthful; hitting the nail on the head.

I would like my career to prosper healthily but the past 15 years, it had been drought and withered me dry. I needed to voice out my frustrations in such a way that could somehow show to my fellow colleagues that, by talking negatively…so loudly, so rudely behind a person is far worst then to tell him off to his face. So many of us, been complaining but chickened out when the opportunity arises. I was not proud, neither I was regretted of my action. I hope people could really see behind this thinly veiled speech that I was trying to make a point that, silent sufferers are always end-up as sufferers. I do not wish to see my four bars forever “enjoying” their four figure salaries for their entire working adult, grow old penniless.


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