The Sharp Tongue and self righteousness.

A single posting on the wall of someone’s facebook has given me a huge wake up call.

A humble but straight forward comment had altered the entire perception of me on some people who I previously thought were friends that would at least stay quiet to the commotion if not adding to the insult. It was a joke  on her wall, a retort joke about gay thingy. From afar I could see it was a joke and required no reminder(s) to know the fact that it was a joke.

(I should have not contributed any comment on it or the absent of a smiley face at the end of my comment had caused dire consequences; people misunderstood that I was angry. I have since removed my comments in giving back the wall to the rightful owner)

I may stir an hornet’s nest with this posting but my main reason for writing this piece is to give a wake up call to all the gay men…as I was rudely awakened to the fact that, our women or straight friends who seemingly honest, seemingly befriended us, being with us as a good friend, joked, laughed,”nyah” and “mak” with us are actually not so gay friendly.

We should by now to build a strong shield of self-awareness that straights are still looking down at us even though there are seemingly very receptive towards gay community. Especially those good friends of us who mingle, rubbing shoulders and kissing our cheeks. As long as they are STRAIGHTS, they would still have crooked hearts on people like us. Some may disagree with what I have written but look deeper, it is truly rings a bell when straights are left alone amongst themselves and when one of them ignites the gay subject or jokes, we shall see then the true extend of their perceptions, their takings on gay issues. Mostly deafening, derogatory and hardly anyone would at least defense their gay friends. I do not say there is none but it is kind of rare.

Jessica Parker had said that each woman should have  at least one gay man as a good friend and I thought it was a compliment. Until recently after the smack over the facebook, I came to realize that what she meant was, a gay man is in fact needed for their own self’s benefits. The gay man to be used as a shoulder to cry on, to give advise on fashion, as a gay-dar to know their potential boy friend is a total straight, to use him as gossip’s partner and might also to use him as her personal chaperon to clubbing scenes and high-end boutiques. These women are also using their best gay men as their own unpaid, cluster free body guards. Not to mention as a free home decorator and the list goes on.

And of course the cliché is “not all women are using their gay friends as the above mentioned”. Rightly so.

What has happened in the facebook when one of the commentators kept on harping the issue on gay and God’s punishment and this banter made me further realized, as I should a long time ago to know that “laughing our hearts out” together is not a fool proof in knowing that these people wont speak evil of your sexual preferences. The very term of sexual preferences ( note the word PREFER)is made to believe(by most straights) that we CHOSE to be what we are and we should accept the repercussions of our own doing, thus the hell is a place of absolute guarantee for those who strayed. In this case, the homos. When they talked about the Mighty God and His severe punishments on gays, never occurred to them perhaps, God simply created a third “GENDER” for reasons only best known to HIM? Why with all the MIGHTY powers that He has, He still created these sinners? Why can’t it be just two sexual inclinations; women towards men and vice versa, and no in between? But here we are.

If He simply created us and later to throw us in hell…then I am surrender myself to the fact that I shall be burned in hell but hey NO, I am his servant as all of you straights and that does not change the fact that WOMEN  (not men; straights or gays) BUT WOMEN would still the majority in hell as what Prophet Muhammad had seen in his Israk Mikraj’s. If you are a woman, you may want to slow down a bit and numb your tongue a little  as you are amongst those who are  highly risk to be the resident of the infamous HELL.

I pray (yes, gays do pray) my mother would not be amongst those women!

Simply saying; being straight ALONE either you are a woman or a man is no guarantee that the heaven awaits you.


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