Children are all from heaven. Are they?

I was at the Dubai Mall yesterday with a large gleaming new camera hanging around my neck.

While waiting for a friend who went into the Burberry boutique, I was seating,trying to master my new gadget and focusing the lens in getting a good photo of the mannequin. Then came an Arabic family with little kids. The servant stops the baby’s stroller right in front of me and the cheeky infant smiles at me invitingly. I just pointed the camera toward the smiling infant pretending taking his picture, suddenly the big brother who was no more than age of seven; stood in front of my camera and blocking my focus.

He wanted his picture taken. I thought…why not. Then came his younger sister who tried to be in the frame too. At first they were shoving each other, when that failed they came to me and tried grabbing my camera. All these menacing behaviors were done in front of their parents who sat nearby, lifted no finger and raised no voice to stop the unbecoming manner of their kids. The maid tried softly to discourage the kids but she was I guess,understood better of her predicament if she ever to reprimand the kids forcefully.

People said that, all kids are children of heaven. They should smell the same. Are they?

I have never lived in any Arab’s household and it left me a huge question mark on how is actually the Arabs raise their kids.

In my world as a flying crew, I have seen all sort of children behaviors. The Arab kids are the most boisterous and stubborn.  You may say…ahh they are young child and that is how they should behave, free to explore.

I like to differ.

The Arab kids are MOSTLY well fed. That’s explained on why most Arab kids are kind of heavy. Fed with proper food but lack of manners. Growing up looking at their maids as their slaves and when they see other Asian faces, they thought that we are their slaves too.

When we were queuing at the KFC, the Arab boy just cut us blind as if we were invisible.  The adult does not fare that well too.

In short, kids take the ques from the parents. And this blessed, rich society has really failed to uphold the moral ground of their ancestors in raising children.

The earlier generations of these rich Arabs have now fully grown as adult and they are just passing ON the new legacy of children with no adab (manner). Their lack of manners, arrogant attitude are the common misunderstanding of non-Muslims towards Islam. People at large are still think, all things Arab are Islamic in nature and  when these Arabs behaving badly, Islam gets the bad reputation.

Islam  after all, was born here and can we blame the non-Muslims when they look at Arabs as a mirror-image to Islam’s way of life?


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