Muffin Top

My blog has hit its usual setback; writer’s block.

It was almost two months that I had been absent from work and when I get back donning my uniform, my pants are too tight around the waist. I had to hold my breath or I could not get the button fasten and I am having the dreadful “muffin top” hanging loose near my love girdles.

It is not a pretty sight.

Sick people are usually become slimmer during recovery but I am the opposite. I have gained weight. So much so, I hate looking at my naked body in the mirror. My another half is also has taken note of that. Even thought he doesn’t say it out loud but I think he despises the fact that I am getting fat. I can see that sayang! I will make you drool again…I promise!


This coming July which indeed is today, I supposed to hit the gym and take the treadmill, to run mile after mile to get rid of this burgeoning fat. A s the day  progresses, I would say procrastination still reigns majestically in me.

The house is in a mess. I am breathing dust for the past  one week. I am having my room and kitchen renovated. The work is doing well but the dust is killing me. I wanted to leave the house and to let them work independently but that is the thing; they may botch the entire house or may not follow the original design. Since I have no trust to let them work on their own, I have to endure this breathing difficulties.

The body is fast becoming a sumo wrestler and my lungs are filled with dust. What a combination!


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