One School for All

My sister is a teacher at a Chinese school in Taman OUG, Old Klang Road. The school is situated in the middle of housing area and there is very little space left for its staff to park their vehicles.

Even though the school is not exactly located within affluent community but it has a great reputation that attracts parents to send their children here. Most kids were chauffeured driven to school and we could see a long line of luxury cars lined the road heading to school each morning and later in the afternoon. Looking at these gleaming Mercedes and BMWs, you are not wrong to think that you are in Cannes attending the film award ceremony.

All the major roads heading to the school were usually choked with traffic every single schooling days and the parking spaces are very limited.

The school’s administration called in experts and the solution found was to dig below the school compound and to build a basement parking. The cost is exorbitantly high.

The school and PIBG had a meeting and they found a solution on how to raise the money.

Late last year, they had organized a special fund-raising dinner and managed to collect a whopping ten million ringgits. This is a primary school that we are talking about. It is not a secondary or even a college. Each class is air-conditioned. This school is indeed a lucky one. This is only one school amongst thousands of other Chinese schools in Malaysia. Of course not all Chinese schools are as lucky as this one but mostly are privately well-funded with a little help from the government. The Chinese community is truly an exemplary which should be emulated by other races in Malaysia.

My question is;

What if all the money that our government has allocated for education, combined with all the money collected from individuals, private companies,NGOs are to be used for our children education without having to segregate them into so many types of school?

Can you imagine how grant our schools are if this money is pooled together for the betterment of our children?

The singular schools or Sekolah Kebangsaan are at least still within acceptable level of professionalism in its outlook and quality of teaching. The Chinese Vernacular schools are mostly well above sekolah kebangsaan. The sorrow thing is, are those Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil which mostly in state of despair, lack of facilities and short of teachers.

Let support the drive to introduce one school for all races in Malaysia. If any tycoon wants to fund any school, let him. At least his money benefits all students regardless of race. If the Chinese, Indians or any other minority willing to accept this one simple solution of ONE SCHOOL to create better Malaysians, I am sure the BUMIs would not mind to let go their special privileges if others are willing to sacrifice something in return. Each community has its own pride but it takes more than pride to have a harmonious and truly racial free(almost) Malaysia.

For more interesting read on this subject, please visit this link:


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