My utmost appreciation

Finally, I have something nice to say about the company that I work for.

My most recent medical en-devour has given me a new perspective towards those people who are having intangible connections with me. These people are those in the office who work on our behalf in making sure that our flights are dispersed on time with a proper number of crew, legality, scheduling, administration, welfare and sufficient paper works etc.

I placed a call to the office informing them that I have been hospitalized and they have been very accommodating, sympathetic almost.

Then, I made another call to the flight administration office and received the same kind,caring tone of voice. For a moment, I was awe-struck by the sudden change of mood.

Perhaps the word “hospitalized” has a magic spell in making them to be more humane and polite.My request for not having my hospital admission published in the company’s internal email has been duly accepted.

Whatever the reason for these pleasant encounters which of course quite a surprise; irregardless,I was glad.

The insurance company was also super efficient. The hospital has had no problem in getting their initial costing assessment approved promptly and the officer was also astonished by the speed of this ING’s team in faxing all related documents for a go-ahead admission.

I would say, my experience at this Columbia Asia Hospital miraculously,seemingly had been orchestrated by my guardian angel. It seemed, everything needed for the speedy processes in this hospital were done according to the army’s precisions.

To the office people, ING’s team, the doctors, nurses, my family,special someone and friends were all superbly marvelous in making my pre and post operation as a successful one.

Thank you everyone from the abyss of my heart.

Syukur alhamdulillah!

Now, I only hope is that my recovery will be even more speedier and be blessed with His ultimate mercy to spare me from further unbearable pain. If YOU must punish me, please give me the strength to endure this.



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