My Own Post-‘Natal’: Part 2

I am kind of regret reading comments in the forum talking about post haemorrhoidectomy operation.

I was in so much pain and had no one to ask on how to ease the pain. The only doctor friend that I have,had never answered my calls. The wise option left at 2 o’clock in the morning was to browse the internet, typed for the right words and there they were, hundreds of the people talking about the very same problems that I am enduring.

One of the forumers, even describes how her husband has changed from a strong independent man and now crying himself to sleep because of the extreme pain associated with post operation to remove piles.Her husband became depressed and withdrawn from social life. It has been four weeks for him.

How about me, this is my fifth day post surgery?

Last night, I had a semi hard stool and my bowel movement was too erratic; it came and went much too often. Every time the urge came to do BM, I had to brace myself with the anticipation of pain that will follow suit. The pain was there each time and it lasted for more than ten minutes after washing. I could not even sit but to gingerly pacing myself in the house.

The medicines given by the doctor helped to soften the stool but they promote regular bowel movement. That is the problem. The more you need to pass motion the more that you have to endure the pain. It feels like a giant petola with rough edges passing through my rectum and it stays there for a while before continue moving, scratching the inner wall of the wounded areas.

In my last post, I have stated how terrible was I in pain trying to get the surgery gauze out from my rectum. It did come out on the second day after much pain in delivering it. It was a relief and there was a whiff of rotten blood lingers in the air, smell like a dead rat under the wooden floor.

The study shows an approximately 30 percent of those who undergone a spinal puncture to inject anesthesia drug like Epidural would have a symptom called spinal headache. I am amongst those 30 percent now. The punctured lumbar cord may have caused my  celebrospinal liquid to leak and causing me a severe headache. If this headache persisted for another 24 hours, I may have to go to hospital again. That is the advise given by the MayoClinic in the internet.

There were confessions too by women who have given births and have suffered this post rhoids operation. They exclaimed that, the pain in nursing post-natal is considered minuscule compared to the horrible pain in the process of recovering post piles operation.

What have I done to myself?

It is too late for me to reverse anything that has been done. I have no regret however. I think it is logical and brave thing to do in getting rid of these piles.I read their suggestions on a proper diet, medication, proper hygiene in nursing the wound, an ideal position to do BM and to have a very positive outlook on the whole thing I am going through.

I am doing ok….just.


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