Little Digits but caused so much pain

This thing was used to harvest my unwanted baby!

The Metaphor

The beans spilled.

No point of keeping it a secret.

The Culprit

KayNor has spilled it all. Haha!

My good friend Kay has posted pictures of us taken at the hospital on the wall of his facebook and tagged me on my own. To keep everyone out from the guessing game, I have decided to have it written and posted in my blog.

The Unborn Baby

I had been diagnosed with these prolapse hemorrhoids for many years. I’d learned to live with these extra digits in my anus with the help of medicines and all sort of traditional remedies. Most worked on temporary basis and they kept coming back from their hiding place from time to time.When they did come back, they just plain ugly and so uninvited.

The Confession

Not to mention how uncomfortable it was and painful. Embarrassing? Not really

The Truth

About two weeks ago, I had quite a bad case of diarrhea and the ugliness of it,was the constant purging and extreme urge to pass motion. The involuntary purging which constantly attacking me was uneventfully failed to evacuate fully due to the massive road-block at the exit and left behind trailing of eager to disembark “passengers”. All these passengers are full of toxic waste materials. They could not come out and because of that, I had a terrible tummy aching, nausea, headache and of course the anal passage was inflamed too. I had enough. Time to do something about it.

The Facts

The road-block or scientifically known as inflamed varicosities of vein in anal canal and to you and me, they are known as piles. Note the plural of the word PILES. Yes, in can be more than one pile hiding in your sacred hole.

My last prolapse of these piles has given me enough courage to see a specialist. I need to get rid of these blockages for good.

I went to see Dr Afiq Alvin at the Columbia Asia Hospital and he diagnoses was that I had a third degree prolapse bleeding hemorrhoids. He set the date of the operation and the day has finally came on the 10th of May.

8 a.m : blood sample taken for the testing and followed by an X-tray of my chess cavity.

9 a.m : I was already donning the surgery gown, and wheeled to the a special room for colonoscopy procedure. I asked the nurse to show me which one amongst those cables is actually endoscopic camera and she pointed to me…the whole damn cabling thing the size of human thumb with a blunt ending, the camera. This thing is coming soon into my anus. I was horrified.

The doctor came and reassured me that everything were perfectly ready and he gave me three injections and fell asleep less than a minute after the third one.I woke up during the surgery but both of my legs were up on the air like a twin towers and its called lithotomy or giving birth position. I can hear what the doctor was saying and the clinking sound of his utensils in the surgery but I felt nothing waist down. Epidural at its best. I passed out again and woken up on my way to the ward.

In the ward, I was then fully awake and my another half was sitting next to me, reassuring me. I told him, all went well and it went so smooth, I could not feel a thing during the procedures. My bottom felt fine but was numb. I touched my willy and it felt limbless as if, it has no life, no sensation at all.The nurse came and ask me if I like to keep the things that had been bothering me all these years…the removed piles. Red in color and in a special container and I kept it by my bed as reminder and also to showcase that to my visiting friends.

I was happy that the surgery had been successful. My happiness was short-lived. An about two hours later, I started to feel some sensation on my toes and gradually increases up to the knees and eventually to my waist. Now, I started to feel a gradual but intense sensation; it was pain! It coming fast and furious. My face turned blue and the pain was excruciating. It felt like tiny but hungry ants inside my anus, biting all over my inner rectum. It was unbearable and my tummy was kind of bloated and gave me an added pain on top of the fire that engulfs my inner ass.

The kind nurse gave me an injection to reduce the pain and there I was again, back to my dreamland. Woke up an hour later and the pain was still there but now slightly bearable.

My tummy was still bloated and I felt urgent urge to pee. I tried to pee under my blanket by using the special container but my pipe does not seem to cooperate. How hard I tried, the valve failed to open up and to let the urine out. I was in vain for the inability to control my bladder.

Time passed for more hours and midnight falls.

After half a day battled with hungry ants inside my rectum, I have now a bulging under belly that is full with urine. I tried all sort of suggestions given by the nurses; squat, let the water running at the tap, pour cold water on the willy, making “shooiinng” sound and yet…the urine wont come out. Not a drop. I was so scared of the inevitable procedure called the urethral catheterization if I forever fail to pee.

At two o’clock in the morning and I had to give in. The doctors came with two female nurses. They were getting ready with all the equipment required for this procedure and I was hiding my embarrassment with my muka selamba. It was indeed an embarrassing moment, topping up with a torturing procedure and I was almost screaming in pain but surely the doctor’s left arm was sore because of my grappling during the process.

The relief was immediate. The urine flows slowly into the bag and now, I was more at peace and the catheterization has given me some comfort.

I felt asleep.

The next day at about 6 in the morning. I had the usual morning erection and the catheter rubber tube is still being inserted through the urethra. I had a nightmarish pain again because of the pressure causes by the erection. I had to call the nurse and told her of my unbearable pain. She had to see for herself the agony ( hmmm…she has seen the glorious of my morning glory; lucky lady) that I had been and professionally advised me that she had to wait for my willy to soften before the removal procedure. The removing of this special tube was equally horrible feeling. It feels as if she was pulling my inner urethra from inside out.

One more thing left to do after the removal of the catheter was to pass a number two motion. I sat on the bowl in anticipation of pain and pain surely did come knocking my rectum and finally to the opening of the anus. The dark and thick blood splashes into the bowl and the smell was horribly morbid. It was just a splashes of blood and no visible of stool was there. I was frustrated and in pain.

The growing feeling on wanting to pass motion were extremely constant and erratic yet I could not release any of my trapped stool. I was afraid to open fully my external rectum and let the stool out.What I really wanted to ease out was the surgical cotton pad inside my anus which was inserted after the surgery to prevent excessive blood loss. Failure to get rid of this cotton pad can cause infections and foul smell.

To be Continued: Part One Is Done Here.

Please continue reading on my next posting


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