Practice the obvious

I do not understand these:-

1. Exotic Foods Lovers

When we asked them how is the taste of tiger’s meat and the answer probably ” it tastes like chicken”. Common-sense tells any of us that chicken meats are easier to get, cheaper and legal. If the appetite of your stupid taste buds is so craving for the exotic meats, then just buy yourself tonnes of chicken and eat that damn meat rather hunting and killing those near extinct animals. Just eat the damn chicken. Leave those animals alone!

2. Aphrodisiac

One of the famous so-called placebo enhancers is the horn of rhinoceros. Study shows that the chemical compositions of the horn are similar to the human’s nail. If that the case, the consumers of this aphrodisiac who are seriously influenced by the horn’s reputation that able to increase their sexual virility should heed my suggestion. I’d like to suggest that they should collect their own or other people’s nails, grind them into powder and adding them to their coffees. Even easier, they should emulate the habit of biting nails and having a direct result of it constantly. Nails after all are growing proportionately on daily basis. It saves money, energy and time.Just bite your nails.

Tiger’s penis is also falls into the same category because of the sympathetic magic that relates to the sexual behavior of tigers whilst copulating. Hamsters and rabbits are more rigorous than tigers when comes to sex and these two animals are easily, cheaply available at the local pets shops. You may slaughter the animals, cook the meat and use their penises to enhance your placebo. How convenience isn’t it? Easy solution found and enjoy your sex.

3. Politicians

People at large and even politicians themselves agree with this connotation; politic is dirty. Why then should we form long ques, shoving each other away and shaking politicians’ hands? Don’t you think the politicians themselves are filthy because politic is their daily sport? Avoid shaking hand with any politician.

4. Secondary offers

I find it grossly humiliating when you buy thing and it comes with supplementary gift that has no virtue of giving. It is especially does not make sense when these gifts are offered when the primary products are worth more than 10,000 percent of the value of the gifts. Take example;

A Seven series BMW comes with a free I-Phone. Do you really think people who could afford BMW is buying the car because it comes with a mobile phone? The newspaper advertisement was published with a big picture of I-Phone and just an avatar of the actual car. Were they selling the phones or the cars?

5. Bahasa Malaysia

When non Malays speak a very good Bahasa, the Malays quick to compliment but they would do it in questioning manner. ” How come ahh…your bahasa is so good?” It is a compliment to the speaker. The odd thing, this is Malaysia and bahasa is our national language and the fluency of Malaysians towards our bahasa, regardless of race should have comes with no surprise. We should have all these years acted surprise if any Malaysian could not speak bahasa and not the other way round. No punitive intention but mere observation.


4 thoughts on “Practice the obvious

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  1. we come from a society that carries balls. We acted nice in the presence of the person especially ppl who have power ie- the politicians. even before the heat of that handshakes leaves us..we condemned them, brutally as dirty. now who is dirtier…we who are bunch of hypocrites or those dirty politicians.

    the aphrodisiacs, we have been poisoned by the words of whomever that those animals private stuff are GOOD stuff for sex enhancing or what ever purpose it may believed…but little that we know..does ultimate sex that comes with this helps are actually helping us in our daily lives?? And yes, LEAVE THE ANIMAL ALONE.

    Bahasa- memuji org bukan melayu yg boleh berbahasa melayu dgn baik itu bagus. tapi pada masa yg sama org melayu itu sendiri harus tahu mengunakan bahasa yg betul…bukan bahasa pasar yg diguna sehari hari…ye dak beb????:P erkkkkkkkkkssss….

  2. secondary offer…lupa pula saya hendak mengomen yg ini…Iphone tu kasik jek kat org yg dapat jual kete tuh…yang beli Kete tu…sumpah mati tak pikir ke situ. sebab tau nak untung jek. leh kasik ke gefren, isteri muda, kekasih gelap bagai kan….* me and bahasa pasar again..:P

  3. True on what you have said about the politicians. Malaysians; when we do not fond of any politcian, we would still extend our hands when we met them at any function. Ofcos it shows the maturity of decent people. To me it is still an act of double faces.
    The sexual thingy: If the nail is having the same compositions as what the horn of rhinos has, then it should have the same placebo’s I right? Then just “eat” your own damn nail.It should be your free aphrodisiac at your own fingers. Kuku kaki(toen nails)…thicker!
    Bahasa; The irony is, those ministers have always giving interviews in English. They are the same persons who championing the important use of Bahasa. People make fun of Sammy Vellu but he has always tried his best to answer in Bahasa when questions asked in bahasa. Unlike our own Malay ministers who spoke English most of the time to media.

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