That time of the month

This going to be filthy.

Once, I asked a stewardess how does it feel when women are menstruating. I have got the answer and I want to share with you.

My writing today is not a science project or thesis paper of a medical student. Hence, it is unreliable source of reference for health information.

This brief description was taken from a person’s experience. It varies individually.

I was told;

A few days before the bleeding, she could feel a sharp pain at the lower spine and abdomen. As it gets closer to the expected day of menstruating, the pain intensifies but bearable.

When the bleeding actually starts, she could really feel the blood is oozing out from source to the opening of the vagina. The color seemingly the same as ordinary blood but slightly thicker. The odor is quite similar to the bleeding of an opened wound but with a tinge of dead fish. Sounded exaggerated but that is how I was told.

The menstrual cramp increasingly subsiding as the blood decreases its flow. At the height of menstrual process, she sometimes could feel a big lump of blood rushes out and this could have happens even during ” May I offer you Sir, a selection of juice. I’ve guava, orange or thick tomato juice?”.

In plain words, it can happen at any time of the day.

This is a snippet of friendly visitations of pain that our gorgeous ladies had to endure on monthly basis.

To those “adik-adik”, being a gorgeous lady comes with a price.

What prompted me to ask her this question?

Hmmm…it all started because I could not stand the fact that her breath was a bit unpleasant. Smelly if I may put it bluntly. I’ve heard that, the bad-smelling of ladies’ breath is usually associated with the dirty blood which still being trapped in their uterus. The gasses and the expired blood were mixed up and somehow, travels up the esophagus and through the nose and mouth. Thus, the pungent smell that lingers in the air when they (ladies) speak.

That was quite a logical explanation from a laywoman to another layman.

So, I asked to confirm whether of not she was on that period of the month. She nodded and subsequent questions related to her menstrual then followed suit.

Then, here you are reading this unusual article based on my weird curiosity.


4 thoughts on “That time of the month

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  1. I know andy, it is yucky but there are so many men out there have had no idea how you guys women had to endure this vicious monthy cycle. I wish you could enlighten us with your own version of NO ENTRY time of the month…educate us please, so we would be more understanding of ladies’ plight regard to this hardly talked abt subject. Do us a favor dear andy!

  2. FYI, during menstruation, hormonal fluctuations can occur. Some women experience menstruation gingivitis (inflammed gum) which can lead to halitosis (bad breath) especially if the oral hygiene is poor. 🙂

    1. That is further explained the bad breath amongst menstruating women. Thanks J! We men always quick to turn our heads away from this kinda situation without knowing that “wars” are actually taking place within woman’s biological compositions during this period. What I read in the wiki, the main reason for school and offices absenteeism is period pain and especially prevailing in poor countries where absent from schools are simply because those girls could not afford to buy sanitary pads. Ofcos no one likes to go to school with their wet bottoms and smeared pants or skirts.

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