Kinda itchy

When someone tells time especially a typical Malaysian would tell you the time and followed by these abbreviations A.M or P.M to indicate the actual time of the day. Did I put them correctly? Grrrr…Not sure.

If we were to ask anyone, chosen at random on the street, he might tell you the abbr of A.M means morning and P.M means for noon or evening. Of course he is right with his answer.But what is the actual meaning of these A and M, P and M?

Well this is not a self boasting article. You will have to find those answers on the internet. Google you may.

I would like to draw your attention on why most of the time we say thing and doing stuff which we never bothered to know the actual meaning of the spoken words. I am too guilty of the same crime.

” Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking from the cockpit!”

Is there any aircraft that the pilot is seated at the rear? Don’t all the pilots are speaking from the cockpit and isn’t it obvious that captain should have omitted the part ” speaking from the cockpit”?

” …should you require any assistance, please call any member of the crew in the cabin”.

Hmmm…don’t you think, all the cabin crew are in fact in the cabin. Galley areas are still part of the cabin right?

” This is your captain. My name is Captain Hamid and blah blah.”

And again, was he named by his parents as Captain Hamid and was it stated in the birth certificate as such? Surely the word Captain is not his name but this kind of blunder happens on regular basis. Pilots are then forgiven.

Not to forget some invited speakers introduced themselves on the podium; ” My name is Datuk Kassim and I am honored to be invited….blah blah” The same humble mistake we often committed ourselves on our daily lives.

Someone who prepared our new announcement text had noticed that our old texts were full the above mistakes and too many repetitious words.

“…items are placed in the overhead compartment above you..” and this was used for so many years until one smart Alex notices such a redundant statement.

Re-reading my posting, I realized that I have no expertise to even discuss this kind of topic but compelled to have it posted anyway.

Tumpang Lalu


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  1. abt the is ok as most pax checked in their brains with their luggage. I bet u knew that already.

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