Aborted thieving adventure

Funny thing was, I thought the toy piano was the real one that plays the music on the radio and tv. My Chinese neighbor whose kid was the same age as mine had that small plastic piano.

I had insisted my mother to buy one for me but Langkawi was such a remote place and she always said this; ” Nanti kalau kita pi Tanjung, mak beli la (Later if we go to Penang, I’ll buy for you)” and she used the same excuse whenever I asked her to buy something which will cost her more than ten ringgits.

Why am writing about this piano thingy?

I just saw the same piano just a few minutes ago on telly. It brought back a memory that I had with that piano.

I wanted it so much and had planned how to steal the thing from my neighbor’s kid which was my friend too. I was desperately etched my way each time I saw him plays and he never allowed me near that gorgeous looking miniature piano.

I think, it was the first time I had ever really thought of stealing thing from someone. It was my first amongst many negative thoughts that soon follow suit.

I am no saint though.

I did not steal the damn thing not because I was repented. I could not bring myself to do it. I had no gut.

Thank God that I never had that courage. If I had succeeded in stealing it at that tender age, the triumphant of such defeat might propel my desire to keep on stealing.

That is how vivid my memory with that small piano has reminded me of my past.


2 thoughts on “Aborted thieving adventure

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  1. small piano? hik hik wen we were kids, we wanted most simple things and thought very simple. u did well, and congrats. hik hik…I went shopliftings when I was a kid.:P

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