Magic Love

My sister is a teacher at Chinese primary school in Taman OUG, Old Klang Road. The school’s canteen is operated by a Chinese caterer and the food served are mostly non-halal.

Her pupils love her and occasional they would invite her to join them for lunch. She obliged and brought her own lunch.

“Cikgu, makan la. Food here is halal because they served no pork”

Of course they are bunch of naive students who never actually fully understood the various interpretations of food that considers halal or not.

Their age perhaps ranges from nine to 12 and I think they should be complimented for being concern of my sister’s difficulty to have her meal at school.

Put aside their ignorance on the concept of halal but they have shown how innocent those children are when loves transcend beyond race and creed.

These privileged children are mostly chauffeured driven to school and when they were stopped at the traffic lights, they wound down the window shades and waved to my sister who rode on her motorcycle.

Later at the parking lot, they eagerly offered to carry my sister’s books and bag to her desk.

She is still very new at the school. Barely a year ago she was reluctant and almost wrote an appeal letter to the Education Ministry to reconsider her options for national schools.

Her early days were also hammered with mild resistance from the school children who bullied her and even punctured her motorcycle’s tyre. They called her Cikgu McDonald (Teacher McDonald)because of her red machine and an extra carry-on compartment perched at the back that resembles a McDonald’s very own delivery motorcycles.

She adores children and that is the very reason she choses to be a school teacher. She persevered and showed no vengeance towards her students. And today, even though she is still very green in her quest to be an excellent educationist, she is well liked and doing pretty well with her students.

She used to complain to me about these two naughty boys who wouldn’t listen to her instructions and they were the ones punctured her tyre. They were her worst relapses of the broad day light’s bad dreams at the school.In silent, she despised their menacing attics but continued to play her cool.

I do not know what kind of magic wand that she used but she manages to win the hearts of her students and especially the two boys. What surprised her the most is, these rascals have became her favorites and to say the least, they are indeed her little piece of angels at school. They would come to help her with the books, volunteered to carry bag and would wait for her at the parking lot like little puppies.

Recently she was down with a fever and was forced to take medical leave. Guess who were her constant callers on the phone? The two boys!

Love has always works its magic once we learnt to see another human as another human without looking at the color of their skin.


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