Security Guards Versus Air Stewardesses

If any of you are interested to be a security guard, there is a good new. The Human Resource Ministry decided that the take home pay for the workers in this sector should range from RM1100 to Rm1450.

It is indeed a leapfrog pay rise from a mere RM450 a month and this rosy news is to reduce the industry’s dependence on foreign workers.

That is a pay rise for security guards and we have seen a new trend by the ministry in giving more pay rises for doctors, nurses, army personnel and even police force.

Everybody knows and realizes how escalating prices for essential goods and services has given our hard-earned cash less than its face value.Our RM5 is no longer buys you a nice lunch anymore.

Now, let take this further by comparing this new salary schemes between security guards and one of our airlines ( it can be AirAsia or any airline flies the friendly skies)own stewardesses.

  • Sec.Guard Basic salary is now RM1100-1450 and stewardess is RM1200 and she will have an annual increment of 5% each year and she likes her job very much and stays for the next 14 years or so, her basic salary will become approximately RM1900-2000. After 14 to 15 years for them to get that kind of basic salary. Read properly please.
  • Sec.Guards would have to supplement his extra income by working extra hours and stewardess has to earn her must have income by going for flights and get paid accordingly. This extra input we call it as flight allowances and the amount is varied for one to another but quite safe to say that, each stewardess could get an allowance of RM1700 t0 RM2000 on top of her basic income. If she is somehow sick for the whole month, she will see her money in the bank’s account less than RM800 after deductions of EPF, Socso and even worst if she has other commitments such as insurance coverage or banks installments.
  • Sec.Guards are risking their lives by guarding the premises and those in the buildings. The stewardesses are also guarding the lives of their own and passengers. We have never heard a security guard’s post sunk into the earth but air crashes and volatile air rage are common news. Between these two job’s spec, who is more at risk of losing their life?
  • Sec. Guards do not put on make up and use expensive perfumes ( No pun intended, some do I guess). But for the stewardesses, make-up and perfume are two essential things that they must use on daily basis. Those perfumes such Enchanteur, Follow Me or One Drop perfumes could give an instant gratification of good smell but after a few hours, those lingering smell would turn nasty and pekung. The cheap cosmetic products are also could paint nice colors onto the face but how long do they last on stewardesses’ faces after donning their uniforms? It would melt away the moment they are ready to wear their shoes. God only knows what are the ingredients in these cheap cosmetic products. If you see a pimply stewardess, you may forgiven for thinking that she is trying to save a few ringgits on her make-up by using the cheap ones. The stewardesses had to buy expensive brand of cosmetics and they could easily cost them RM200 for a mere face powder from Estee Lauder or CD. A bottle of good perfume such as Gurlain or Gucci could easily cost us RM200 also. Here we go, RM400 is already gone in their monthly allowances. How about their hair spray, eyes liners, eyes shadow,lipsticks…etc. and all these expenses could only taken out from their basic salary and flight allowances.
  • Sec.guards do not always smile. Their nature of job requires them to portray stern faces but for the stewardesses; pleasant smile and professional demeanor are job’s requirement which to be on display 24-7 while they are in the uniform. And the uniform must be well fitted with the body contour. Failure to adhere to this requirement, they would be removed from flying duties which mean, no money flowing in. In order to archive this superb bodily shapes,it requires a vast amount of discipline, dedication, determination and of course, ringgit and cent too. A fee for fitness membership is approx. RM100 to 175 a month.
  • With a new salary scheme for security guards, each could bring home an approx. RM1100-1450 or more and for the stewardesses is about RM1200 plus flight allowances of RM 1700 amounting to RM2800 to RM3200. I am giving the worst scenario. For the international stewardesses, they earn slightly more because they travel the world. We have also those senior stewardesses who flown on the international flights and used to earn an approximately RM6000 a month and now, with their not so new promoted as one of the in-flight pursers in domestic flight, they are now earning a monthly income less than half of the above amount. Mind you, they have been promoted and now the are earning less from what they used to get while flying as regular flight stewardesses. Isn’t great? You are promoted to be someone in-charge and your take home salary is decreased by almost three thousand ringgits?

So….at the end. The coveted Duta kecil’s salary is defeated by an easy job such as security guard. Those not so rich bachelors who think that you could lead an easy life by courting a stewardess and wanted to share her salary, think trice because she needs her money to buy those essential things rather than to spend on you.


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