Abandon the abundance

Most people do not appreciate what they have. We always abandon the abundances.

Me, one of them.

My hometown is Langkawi. It is the biggest island amongst 103 islets surrounding it. When I told people,that Langkawi is my kampung, they have always given me this comment; “Wow!  Bestnyer!”

Langkawi is internationally known as tropical paradise, foreign tourists and Malaysians alike flock to the island at every given opportunity.

Here I am who has own accommodation and my parents’ house is right on the beach facing the Andaman Sea and yet, am hardly went home. People are willing to spend thousands of ringgit to enjoy the sea, wind and sun but I tried my very best to avoid them even though it is a free retreat. 

 I would only ventured out from the comfort of my parents’ house after late in the afternoon, probably at four or five. The scotching sun to me is unbearable as if I am not used to tropical weather. I wasn’t  brought up somewhere with a cold climate, hence I should at least content with the temperature here on the island…for heaven’s sake I was raised here and I should be enjoying what this island has to offer. My mom would say ” Tak sedar diri!” and may be she is right.


I tried but I just hate the hot and humid weather conditions.

When I was a little kid, my parents’ former house even more closer to the sea. During the high tide, I could play the water with my feet from the verandah,even tried to catch fish by using my mom’s sewing tread and chicken meat from my lunch as a bait. The verandah was under this huge Assam tree and it gave us shelter from the unforgiving sun. It was my favorite spot to have lunch; munching my food, feet in the water and an open sea right in front of me.There was always this soft ocean breeze blowing into the house from our front patio and it was beautiful.

I hardly took a plunge into the sea even though I had the opportunity to do that at every afternoon. My sister and brother ( the rest of my siblings were not even born yet) were the ones love to jump into the water but they can only take a dip if their big brother was to join in, which they knew for sure that I hate swimming in the sea water. That was the condition that my mom has given us. They would beg me and sometimes I gave in for their sake.

But, I have never liked the sea water. I don’t like the sticky feeling on the body, salty taste of it and that love-hate relationship lasts until today. I could not remember when was the last time that I ever swam in the sea. My last was in Bali with a bunch of my friends. It was quite fun because at that time, Bali was under constant blows of cold air from winter breeze in Northern Australia. So, the sea was cold and the breeze was quite comforting, to me at least.

Here in Langkawi, we have never short of bright sun light especially now with the effect of a global warming, the soaring temperature is really unforgiving. Even the natives of Langkawi are complaining.

I have no idea how those white tourists and Japanese could be laying half-naked on the beach, soaking and being “cooked” alive like that. Sun tanning is one thing I would never do especially in Langkawi. You will have your golden tan in 15 minutes and you will have a charcoal black on your skin after an hour. Don’t believe me? Go and enjoy Langkawi.


3 thoughts on “Abandon the abundance

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  1. we want what we cant have,we have what we dont want.something like dat. after all, we r mere human.

    ermmm nak gi LGK nak gi sun tanning. If charcoal black, that wud not be TAN..tuh dh eleven maybe twelve;)

  2. i was thinking of going for holiday in Langkawi n spend few days there…bole ajak noi n rash..it will be fun..berendam dalam tasik dayang bunting..ntah2 aku pun bole bunting nanti..hehehe..

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